May 31st, 2012

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Okay. I am making a deal with myself. If I accomplish most of what I need to do today before sunset, I get to go walk down through the woods to the forested meadow I found by the powerlines and read.

The things I have to do:
  • Flist.
  • Quick-ish entry about yesterday.
  • Inbox (I will keep on top of it for at least a week this time).
  • Inventory some collectibles I have to sell.
  • Figure out my summer schedule with my mother (mainly, which Sundays I'm available for summer services at my congregation).
  • Draft up some emails I need to send.
  • Call M-the-treasurer and nervously ask how quickly money can come from the Senior Youth fund, because otherwise I'll be paying for senior youth lock-in stuff out of my own pocket and getting reimbursed. *Wibble.*

For later in the day:
  • Go through minerva_fest prompts.
  • Send the drafted emails.
  • Make posts on kikiweeki for Catching Fire, Happy Accidents and The Lesbian in Front of the Classroom so I can return them to the library. Not doing it; have to return the books.
  • Figure out what I'm going to do with my Pile of Clothes and my Broken Dresser until I move.
  • Blast music and clean.

H'okay. GO!

(What Productive Things do you lot have to do today? And how many of you are writing? (; )
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Salem. I snoozed in the morning because sleep had failed the night before (I showered instead; heat was mean). Shaya arrived around noon; I threw on clothes as she did direction stuff. The drive there was thankfully uneventful although we did get lost at the very end when the directions weren't super helpful--but we made it. The food was alright (I liked my simple plate more than she liked her fish, I think :B) and pretty much free: the coupon covered everything but gratuity. (Remind me to slip you some cash when I have more than $1 on me, Shayakalak!)

Made it to one of the main shopping streets, checked out the bookstore, headed to the mall for the loo and some exploration (amazing witch hats! and some fun robes--better ones inside for photographs), we split ways for a bit; I took pictures of storefronts and explored the bookstore. I really like Salem and given that it's so close, I really should make it up there some time in the autumn, especially near Halloween--that'd be fun. I also decided that in HP-verse, a Salem institute of education would be basically the Smith College of magical education. And do you know what that means? Lesbians. Magical lesbians. (Or LUGs--lesbians until graduation.)

Shaya was set on going to one of the ocean parks, and I can hardly turn down the ocean, so we headed over--when I mentioned that "she just wants to dip her feet in the ocean", the guard let us in without having us pay. (: I shook hands with the ocean and climbed all over the rocks to explore the tide pools and claim the tallest rock: "I am King of the Rock! I hereby claim it in the name of not claiming things! Unclaimed!" Shaya went into the water, what with her footwear and sundress. :D (My boots and rolled up jeans were more suited to rocks.)

The drive home was more exciting in that we first got lost, and then landed in traffic. I tried to call my mother to let her know I would be late but she didn't pick up three times and no one picked up at home. She went to the Circle of Friends Coffeehouse end-of-season dinner in Dying Dana (the Subaru Outback); I drove home with Shaya, said goodbye, and headed off.

I sat at a table with B, another child of a volunteer (although I am a volunteer in my own right now, being an adultperson); when I was 17 and he was 13, he had a crush on me and told me. He was quite the gentleman. We occasionally got food from the big long table of adults; mostly I ate some Peking ravioli and, when he was otherwise engaged, read Betty Dodson's My Romantic Love Wars. I spoke with a few of the other adults, too. (One of the 'gay lunch' crew called over, "We have to give you a date!" and my face fell. She added, "You know, for the dogs! Petsitting!" and I couldn't help sighing out, "Oh thank goodness! I'm in no place for a blind date!") It was a lovely evening, despite missing some of it (I arrived right before the main courses, which were all pass-around rather than individual), and I came home to get some stuff done.

I'm not sure what it says about me that five paragraphs is successfully lodged in the "short" category. Anyway, my phone is being dumb and not letting me send pictures to my email the way it usually does so I only have the one I sent yesterday. I'll post it. (:

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