May 29th, 2012

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ETA: New LJ layout. It's pretty monochromatic with its greyscale, but I like it (and frequently love monochromatic arrangements, despite my love of rainbows). Inspired by RealSnape (I think?) posting the picture of it--or, having an icon of it, and Tetley (in her less pesky form) posting the full picture in response. I haven't trackd it to its source yet for credit; I should do that soon if I can. Anyway, yay Judi!Wilhelmina Grubbly-Plank.

I've realised I need to basically force myself back into the habit of trying to life-update every day to make myself keep up with LJ. (I like to do this because it gives me a clear record for when, at the end of the year, I start wondering things like "what the eff was 20xx for and did I actually leave my computer chair?") Even if, in reality, it doesn't end up being every day.

I'll start with some random things about my life:

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I think that's all for my exciting day, except for planning a random trip to Salem with Shaya tomorrow since I was given a $40-off coupon to a restaurant there by friends at Ferry Beach. I also want to write up about Ferry Beach soon, but that will require a post of its own. For now I think I've mainly caught up on those 'oh hey, I should tell LJ/my future self this' topics. Also, almost done catching up on my flist; hopefully this time I'll keep it up.

Love you all!
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I thought of two more points for catching up:

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But for the moment I don't care about any of that (lies--I care ridiculous amounts about Jenne), so onto my day:

  • No Salem trip or film trip with my family. (Mother realised she had a board meeting with the church and said, "Did I fuck up the evening?" She had. But I think we were all productive--at least, if doing whatever Dweeb does on the computer is considered productive. I think it must be. Also, at the meeting, when one of the members asked if she could bring her Incredibly Obnoxious Party to the end-of-year-committee-party at our house, my mother pretended to think about it for a moment and responded something like, "No, this is not a kid event." Which is awesome because no one ever actually says no to Mother and Daughter in a clear way, even though the congregation can't stand this Entitled Diva Bratty Daughter and she bullies half the ADULTS of the congregation. Myself included. I am not a fan; I'm already unsure what I'll do about my position as the senior youth advisor when she makes it up to senior high youth group in 2013.)

  • Picked up the Subaru Outback, whom I named Dana in high school, and realised she is Totally Not Fixed. (But Mum was testing the brakes at a traffic light when I was following her, so I got to giggle at what looked like some sort of vehicular-insect mating ritual.) We also have to acknowledge that some time soon-ish, Dana is going to Die. Sad days.

  • I got a sandwich. It was wonderful. I still have half of it left to appreciate later.

  • It was, as my friends would say, "hot as balls". I don't know what the temperature was, but I know it was that sort of humid sticky heat that feels absolutely yucky.

  • I had a lovely evening regardless. Went for a random run outside (it felt brilliant, even though I'll pay for it), drank chocolate wine (and got a bit chattier), spent time in Lash's Chatzy party, got down to 50 emails in my inbox (which I will get down to under 10 before sleep), got Zee to join minerva_fest, and wrote a Minerva poem.

  • I wasn't going to participate in the fest myself, but I saw an opportunity to get Zee to really say yes and mean it, so I offered a sign-up pact: if she signed up, I would. So now I have to claim a prompt by the 1st; I'll give them a more thorough look later. Surely I can write 1500 or line-and-colour a piece of art.

  • Because I think tetleythesecond might like it, I'll post the poem I wrote (it's short), which hasn't been beta'd but was posted on Chatzy so I can say with near-certainty that it doesn't make eyes bleed.

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    Now back to going through my inbox, and then making a bit of an inventory list, and then some other misc. tasks until I am able to sleep! Because tomorrow I am taking a spontaneous (and, gasp, pre-noon) trip to Salem with Shaya. For lunch. $40 off coupon yaaay!

    My brother wondered who stole his fan. I did not steal his fan. I replaced the family fan that was in his room with another family fan that would not stand up in my room but would work in his, and it is temporary--just until I pop out to Best Buy and get a tower fan with my $30 gift card from my UU congregation mentee as a thank-you gift! :D (I drew her a corny card--truly, it had dancing corn in a suit--and gave her a dream journal, since she has such interesting dreams.)