May 14th, 2012

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I hardcore stink at going to sleep. I'm going to post this and zonk out.

Yesterday (as in, last night, but I'm still awake) I recorded a cover of Nellie McKay's "Mother of Pearl". I had some frustrating fun with it. Especially for the last verse, it may be worth looking up the lyrics (it's difficult to hear one line even in all her originals).

It's a song about feminism and feminists, and people complaining about them. It's quite satirical.

I don't agree with aaaaaall of it, but it's a funny and catchy song that I enjoy, so I wanted to cover it.

And now I want to cover myself. With a blanket. In a cocoon. Ukulele can exist again tomorrow.
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My previous ukulele post didn't get any comments (but I'm good with that; I'm feeling surprisingly self-confident and not comment-dependent!) but I wanted to post this next one too. (And, of course, I do appreciate comment, so please don't think this is a lack of gratitude, I'm just shocked that I'm not all nervous that I've exploded all your ears and that you all hate me now. It feels odd being so stable and centred all by myself!)

A while back I shared the lyrics to the wrock (witch/wizard-rock) song I wrote called "If You Sort Me", about Pottermore sorting and how I don't want to be Sorted Gryffindor for more Gryffindor-POV-reading. (For the record: I still have not been Sorting, because I'm reading along and finding my priorities are not giving me much time for it.)

Well, today I was practising the song because I tend to figure out how I most want to play any song based on playing it over and over again (this one has simple chords since it has complex/frequently-changing lyrics). I was recording the takes, as I often do, to see how they sounded. I was surprised to find I enjoyed one of them enough to consider posting--and now I am. It's very rough and glued together in one or two places where I had the patience to touch up a botched word/chord, but it's what the song sounds like, so I'll share anyway. (:

I was going to repost my only other Wrock song, a parody called "Old People (Got No Reason)" but I have found that the way I play it now is so different that the old file makes me cringe. So maybe I'll have to re-record that some time instead. And perhaps write more as I read through the books again; that won't be for a while with five physical library books out and one eBook out from the online library network.
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