May 12th, 2012

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I'm not sure how many of you have heard of The Worst Witch; I know that some of you certainly have, and at least one of you knows far more about it than I do. I've still yet to watch the whole series--I think I got near the end of season one, but not for lack of love. I haven't got my hands on the books yet either.

I just thought I would share the first little tidbit of it--the first 10 minutes of the show--in case it might spike the interest of any of you. I'm sure if it does, you won't fail to notice similarities between TWW and Harry Potter; the first comment, of course, reminds us which out-dates which. (;

I'm hard-pressed to pick a favourite character, but I have a guiding force: the most beloved traits of both Minerva McGonagall and Severus Snape seem to have been brewed together (with a Time-Turner's assistance, if we are again reminded me of the dates) into the form of Cackle's Academy's Deputy Headmistress. That means I am hard-pressed (not really!) to choose Hardbroom--Miss Constance Hardbroom--as a favourite character. With lines such as, "You are not here to play at witches; you are here to study hard, learn discipline and prepare for your WHC--Witches Higher Certificate--under the guidance of your form teacher, who will" I find that I'm actually left with less choice than ever.

I even like the younger cast of characters (there's a Griselda in the first episode at least!), which is rather shocking; and I also cackle my little head off at the other teaching characters, such as Miss Cackle herself (Headmistress), Miss Imogen Drill (we are introduced to her sweaty and in motion) and Miss Bat (who shares striking similarities with our dear Seer Trellawney, when one replaces cooking sherry with sour milk).

So I shall just put the first 10 minutes of the show here, and of course you needn't touch it, but I'll just leave it here anyway...