May 11th, 2012

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I just realised that I actually have been introduced to Betty Dodson before: she wrote the foreword to Cunt: A Declaration of Independence, which I read back in...2007, maybe? Tops 2008. Ah, yes, I remember it fondly: I was doubled over in pain, damning my uterus and my biologically female body, at the same time as I was admiring it/myself with the book. I don't remember much of what was actually in the book, though (I'll partially blame cramps), so I may be due for a re-read.

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Anyway, now that you've heard enough about my use of pseudo-expletives and my love of certain sounds, I'll reign myself back in:

I love these moments of "it's a small feminist world out there"; they make me smile.

Posting a lot today; posting a lot about things I generally don't post about but think a lot about. Less surprised by my inclusion of "I like these words, what do you like?!" since words are a passion of mine. I'm liking it, anyway, so I guess that's what's important--even if people from my flist migrate away with a loud "pooft!" sound and leave behind a dirt cloud for me to cough on. :B At some point I will get back to "this is my life and what's happening to it/me!" [updates] and "look at the fandom stuff I've been reading/looking at!" [rec posts], but for now this is what I have to offer.
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Alrighty. I have an odd fandom request.

See, I love fanart, and I love drawing/art...but I haven't kept up with it. I'd love to join things like hp_fanart_fest someday but at the moment I'm just too out of practise when it comes to getting an idea based off a prompt, channelling the idea into a sketch idea that works, finding models for references (I definitely need them these days), turning a sketch into a lined piece/more completed piece, and I'm waaaaay out of practise with colouring. I think I've only coloured one thing since I stopped having a tablet back in high school.

So my request is for prompts--informal, strict, just a string of words and some characters, whatever. Any kinds of prompts, really, for any fandom you've heard me mention. I can try to draw up a list, including television.

And you can needle me. It's probably going to take the most amount of time and effort to get me back into the habit of drawing, and to get through the "WAAAH I CAN'T DO THIS ANYMORE!" phase that always comes up when I've stopped for a while, and then the angsty "BUT I DON'T HAVE MY OWN STYLE ACK ACK ACK!" I really do want to work through this, though.

I can't make any guarantee with what the pictures will look like. I'll have to do lots of practice with heads and expressions, so some may be just that, or some I may try to get all the way to finished product...I don't know. So the leaving of prompts would be more out of you lovely people thinking "I'll leave prompts so Kiwi can start up with art again" rather than "I'd really like to see this done." Hopefully that's alright. And if this works, I imagine I'll be working on it for a while. Especially since I just remembered backgrounds exist. Ohboy. But nooo I'm going to post this before I start wondering why I'm doing this to myself (because I enjoy it; I just forget sometimes--for years at a time).

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I don't think there will be immediate turn-around with this since I'm sure it'll take me a while just to get my confidence up enough to get my pencil down to paper, and to start a sketch, and to keep going with one, and certainly to post anything. But I'm going to push myself to actually do it, honest.

So if you think of the prompts as a "donation to Kiwi's artistic endeavours" with no real expectations, and you'd be willing to go for that, please drop me a prompt or a few or many to watch me alternately dance a jig and hide behind the Armchair of Agony (Writer's/Artist's Insecurity)? I can't believe I used to draw every day. English class used to be so good for fandom doodles! Oh how I miss thee...

(In other news, I have to go to a Committee Meeting soon. *Wrinkles nose.* We know how much fun those are.)
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