May 1st, 2012

Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

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When peroxidepirate visited, she came bearing gifts. I wanted to put pictures up! :D

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twisted_twister and jean_doe_27 also sent me two beautiful gifts: a pair of circular rainbow earrings and a wonderful gay pride pin! :D I love them both!

This post is to say that I have the most wonderful friends a tykedyke could ask for. Thank you to all three of you mentioned, and to all of the rest of you as well! ♥

As always, it seems, I am way behind on catching my LJ up with life. Things have been going on, big changes are afoot, yesterday was a rage-tastic day...and yet I totally don't have it in me to update on it all at the moment. Instead I'm going to finish up this episode of Game of Thrones, put some clothes away, and tuck myself into bed with a book so I can be fresh and alert for tomorrow: meeting with Clover in the afternoon and kidsitting an active 14-year-old into the evening.

Neeeever mind, much like this evening's plans, my plans with Clover tomorrow have been cancelled. But I'm still zonking out. Not so much with the Endless Energy lately!

But I do miss you all! (And now my plans are un-cancelled...yup, this sounds just like my life. ahhah. Spontaneity has its downfalls.)
Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

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1) My Clover plans ended up getting re-cancelled. I was more upset on her behalf, though, because it was due to surprise!work and then getting ripped a new one by her mother (for very little reason, from my outside and non-mother perspective).

2) Kid-sitting was easy-peasy. Then, the kid was 14. We went to hers, ate pizza, watched Glee (and commented on all the characters, including agreement over Santana looking damn fine in a suit and Brittney being an amazing dancer), read, and Interneted.

3) For the above--which constituted two-and-something hours--I got $33, holy heck. And she wants me back for two more evenings. Uhm, yes!

4) They also have three lovely cats: a little ginger miss who is soft and comes up for cuddles; a big black fellow who purrs as soon as anyone comes by despite all the pain he's in with an autoimmune disease with his gums; and a standoffish grey tabby-cat mistress who is nonetheless nice and spends much of her time gazing out windows (she may have reminded me of someone).

5) I've been reading more lately, especially non-fiction, and lots of it is connecting up--especially since I'm reading stuff that makes mention of historical lesbian/liberal organisations. I love hearing/seeing mention of things I've previously come across; it makes everything feel connected and woven together. It reminds me of the feeling of learning I had during university, which is a thrilling feeling, so I think I want to keep this up.

6) As part of it I started up a silly little reading journal for myself since I have a bad habit of dog-earing pages (of my own books!!!) that really interest me...and then wanting to go back. So this journal is my excuse to do so. I go back, check what interested me on the page, and put it in a post. The silly little journal is kikiweeki and I only just decided to even make mention of it, so most of it will look like my talking to myself. Because I am. I've enjoyed it so far, which means I may be tempted to get some environmentally-friendly book markers (rather than book-marks, which only mark my present place) to do the same with books that I borrow from friends, family, or the library.

7) My goodreads account is here. I know I've mentioned goodreads in this journal before, but I really encourage you all to join if you've ever had the slightest interest in having a useful and communal place to track the books you read (and keep them on different 'shelves'!) with the opportunity to post reviews and comment on others.

8) I am watching Before Stonewall. It makes me want to play all the songs on ukulele (not that I can find them) and read up All The Things on lesbian/queer history. I don't know how possible that is. But I'm starting with lesbian nuns.

Usually I'd push myself to 10, but at the moment I am perfectly fine with an 8-point list and will return to my previously scheduled film-watching. (This lazy life is lovely.)