April 26th, 2012

Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

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Once upon a time, when I was a tipsy!Kiwi, I sent my platonic-life-partner Cassia a text message. Less time ago, she read the text back to me and I giggled so hard that I had her send it to me so I could write it down.

I was having a self-date night with wine and candles. :B I wish I had the texts in which I described how the wine made me feel. :P

“I am only succeeding at texting you back because I have not succeeded at getting myself into bed. I am one tough lass to sass! Although it is more difficult to text with my brain feeling like a sparkly faerie disco—and with just the one glass of wine. I’m a cheap tip(sy). Maybe I can woo myself to bed with more television. I love you too! Some time we should get together and have a double date, see who can charm herself faster.”

The text sounds much more suggestive than I had meant it to sound--I was really only talking about getting myself to bed to sleep. It's such a difficult task! Cassia and I spend much of our time together napping. And flailing in our sleep. Because we do that.

Back to cleaning my 'virtual' room--my computer. I have so many posts backed up...*Shakes head at self.*