April 22nd, 2012

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Most--or possibly all--of you will have heard of the ORLY Owl.

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My mother and I just had a conversation about Dumbledore. "So, he took the Elder Wand from that boy he was in love with?" "Yep." "So he had that wand for a long time then. He had the Elder Wand and the Sorceror's Stone and..." "Yeah, the dude was loaded." "Seriously."

I am trying to figure out why so many authors say about fanfic that it shouldn't be written and that the writers should go put that energy into writing books. As if it is physically impossible to write original fic and fanfic at the same (approximate) time. Just like writers can't also write/play songs, make art, craft things... Creativity can only be expressed one way at a time ever! That's why a 'Renaissance (wo)man' is defined as 'someone who doesn't write fanfic.' (Also, el-oh-el at JKR only approving of PG-rated HP fanfic; she certainly wouldn't want to stumble into our corners of fandom.)

That is all for my brain at the moment. Back to catching up on LJ, watching Community and appreciating the sound of the rain.