March 30th, 2012

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I realise that people working the phones for companies often use a caller's name frequently to put them at ease/seem attentive/personalise a call/whatever else, but when a caller very much dislikes being called by zir legal name and tends to feel a bit ill when it happens...

Well, it makes such conversations a bit unpleasant.

Next time I do something like this I am going to make sure to start with "please call me [Nickname] or Kiwi".

But at least the hold music isn't too bad. Much better than some of the insurance companies I spent hours calling back in '08.
Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

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Tomorrow I drive my nigh-aunt's car to DC. This is my 'oh please universe let this go alright'.

I have traveller's nerves. Especially because this time it isn't just about catching a flight, it's about doing all the travelling myself, which means that the most likely thing to go wrong (getting lost--even with the navigator) would be my mistake and mine alone (well, occasionally bad signage, but not usually). Sure, there are other things that could go wrong--car crash that isn't my fault, some odd medical issue, abducted by aliens, whatever--but the most common one would be Getting Lost, and I don't think I could even bring myself to blame that sort of stuff on my phone. Maybe. We'll see, if I get pushed to it.

Then, once I'm in DC, three of my days will be spent in a house with no Internet (and probably no real TV) with my main activity of the days being unpacking. Because moving is such fun, such fun! :B Apparently there's a Starbucks up the road, so I may go there, but it will mainly be for people watching and being alone (reading) in public; I'm not bringing my laptop since it takes up too much space and I don't want to check anything for my flight home on Wednesday.

So please, universe, let this trip go as expected (the optimistic expectation, of everything going right, and not the nerve-guided expectations, please) and don't let me get bored off my buttocks (I rather like them). (Then, I'm bringing The Lesbian Kama Sutra and Sex Tips from a Dominiatrix as well as The Hunger Games, so surely I can't get *too* bored...)

Hope you all are keeping well! Continue to do so! I will be somewhat back on Wednesday with occasional not-back-ness until I settle down for some serious peroxidepirate cleaning (of my house, not cleaning her) probably around the 7th. Ta-ta!