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Kiwi Crocus
19 March 2012 @ 02:31 am
So ages back, grey_gazania did a colour meme and gave me the colour rainbow. Ages back as in, early May 2011 (final exam time).

Spent today going through most of my inbox; this time I want it to be everything I can get through, including memes and questions and story prompts (eventually).

For now here's the meme:

If you ask, I'll give you a color that reminds me of you, and then you will post with pics or a list of 10 things of that color.

I am not posting 10. I was asked for rainbow, and so I am going to give a whole picspam of (most of) my rainbow items. Be prepared. The first 10 or so were on my body as I saw the comment. Warning for one dog pic.

Deluge of Rainbow.Collapse )

And that is most of my rainbow, not including things that I have many of or things in my hamper.

That is why I was the Rainbow Queen of Rowe Camp in 2006. :B Rainbow is well and truly my favourite colour. It tends to make grey rainy days better, at least!

Sleepy Kiwi is sleepy. Time to catch my Zzzs.
Kiwi Crocus
19 March 2012 @ 03:18 am
Back in June of 2011, I mentioned my gothic phase to kellychambliss and she wondered if I'd ever posted a picture; she mentioned that she'd love to see one.

I'm not sure I have ever posted one. I don't think I have any pictures from the phase itself (I avoided cameras for the most part), but I have some from the phase immediately after, which still had some carry-over.

So here's a picture for Kelly!Collapse )

I think there may be more oddball picspams in the works. Even one with a picture of me in my duelling pose. Now, I'm not one to praise my own wand ordinarily, but I have one heck of a duelling pose. Also, a picture of me on a unicorn. I don't tell a lie.