March 8th, 2012

Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

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Tired brain short update.

Applied for scholarships for the Unitarian Universalist Justice General Assembly in Phoenix, AZ which will be lots of UUs trying to be awesome and learn to end some worldsuck. Hopefully I will get the moneys to go.

Today kid-sat for two 4th-graders. Lots of jogging around and baseballs and a half-deflated mini soccer ball and mud and dressing up the poor patient dog and eating popsicles. They liked me ("You're a good babysitter! We should ask Mom if we can have you again!") and that is good and makes a tired Kiwi.

Tomorrow early meeting with temp agency. Had to take typing and office-y tests today that made me full of grumbles.

Dysfuncentine reveals--yay fest. Can't wait to read the rest; reeeaaally will catch up one of these days. Wrote a story. Tried to be sneaky at first but gave up which is good because I suck at sneaky. Some moments I like it, mostly I don't, maybe I'll post a link but either way, some year it will end up on my masterlist. When I work on it more. Which will hopefully be tomorrow after I get back from the meeting and flop the frook out on my bed from The Tired. But also yay thank you featherxquill for another year!

My life, updated a bit. It is time to snatch what sleep I can now that the tests are taken and things are printed out and cheques are voided and I have my passport. Hope I don't forget my brain on the way out tomorrow--and hope it charges enough tonight.