March 6th, 2012

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Writer's Block: Say What?

What is the weirdest question you’ve ever been asked?

I actually don't know; I don't tend to find any question very weird. It may have been my very Christian friend, after returning from one of his Bible talks, asking me, "Kiwi, can you tell me about...being homosexual?" I will admit that I froze in the process of making my pasta, unsure of what to say.

But mainly I was amused by today's question because I had some silly, inconsequential, possibly weird questions for all of you.

1) (If you can cross your legs,) How do you sit cross-legged?

Feet tucked up inside like a meditation pose? Right leg in front, tucked up under your left? Left leg in front, tucked up under your right? Perhaps asymmetrically? I'd love to know!

I've been thinking about it because I grew up either sitting in the meditation pose (both feet tucked up over my thighs) or with my right leg in the front. After my hip injury, I wasn't able to sit cross-legged at all (it was very sad, honestly; it was my favourite way to sit). Since a year or so after my hip replacement, I've been able to do it for more than a few minutes at a time without going numb. I have discovered, since then, that I can no longer sit with my right leg in front. I had my left fibula removed when I was 15, but there are still little stubs of it left at the top and bottom of my leg (by my knee and ankle); I think that my right foot presses on the stubs when I sit cross-legged that way. It starts to hurt after a while of sitting, and when I leave the position my left lower leg hurts quite a lot, as if things are putting themselves back in place. I'm trying to re-train myself to automatically sit cross-legged with my left leg in front and it is proving to be exceedingly difficult!

And so I was curious how all of you sit, if you (can) use the position. (No judgment if you can't! I never thought I'd be able to again, once I lost it at 14.)

2) (If you use tube toothpaste,) Do you squeeze from the bottom of the tube consistently, or do you press from somewhere in the middle?

I always squeeze from the bottom because it's easier to deal with once the tube starts getting empty (no questing for more toothpaste down at the bottom). I am living with at least one centre-squeezer and, given it's my personal toothpaste, I'll admit to getting peeved and grumbly sometimes when I go to brush my teeth. I think it's one of those Little Things that can become a Big Thing when people are living with one another. So, how do you deal with the highly important subject of Toothpaste?

3) (If you use wall attachment,) How do you put your toilet paper roll on the rack?

My mother and I, occasionally dragging friends in, have had this conversation a number of times (sometimes we were less than sober, but not always). Now, some people put their loo roll on a standing rack, which seems to make it less of an issue, but it still is in a way. Do you set it up so the paper hangs over the roll on the outside? (For a standing rack, I suppose that would mean the paper unrolls from the side closest to you.) Or do you attach it so the paper unrolls from the wall side, so the free-hanging side is on the far side of the roll?

In the household, I am frequently the one to put new loo roll on the rack (probably because my father doesn't seem to, so it's either me or my mum). I always place it the first way - free tail over the rest of the roll - and my mother always turns it the other way around by the time I return. She is convinced I do it backward, though I have carefully inspected many houses, and there are many people who do it my way. And so I am once again curious!

There are my strange questions for you. I would love to read your answers!
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I don't know if you lot have seen these (etsy store here), but they're adorable and literature-positive, so I thought I'd share my find.

Some ridiculously cute mini-book jewellery! They do custom book covers, too! (:

Like this neat John Green mini-book bracelet. :D

And now back to doing things. Really.