March 4th, 2012

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And because it's not a day spent near my computer unless I spam you all to ocular frying...

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Took a Melatonin pill; hopefully it will help me get some good sleep tonight. My mind can be a mean whirring maching sometimes, especially at night. Time to tame the beast.

The beginning of today was stressful/frightening. The rest has been reasonable. Tomorrow is another day. And church in the mornin' dear Kiwi dear Kiwi, you've got church in the mornin' dear Kiwi oh my. (That was sung to "There's a Hole in my Bucket" - really better not to ask when my brain goes frizzle-frazzled.)
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I intended to find the patience to finally update my account.

I found some. I updated the profile.

And then I lost all the patience ever. Couldn't edit, couldn't add a new story, couldn't get to my profile page. is ten times as annoying since falling in love with AO3 as it was before I knew that I could actually upload fic without being frustrated!

So the terrible writing of my teenage self will live on for the next forever.

*Groans and headdesks.*