February 27th, 2012

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This is my 2,500th post.

I was going to talk about my day, which consisted of too little sleep, church early in the morning (early for me), being part of the children's story, a transgender educator-minister doing a sermon, a discussion after service about transgender identities, a short amount of time in Lash's chat, falling asleep, watching I Am Love, and going back to sleep. Which I suppose now I have done, to some degree.

Instead I am going to complain about the fact that I tried for 40 minutes to sleep again, then gave up because there was a detailed story floating around in my mind--down to some actual lines--and I felt helpless to sleep until it was written down.

So I spent 2 hours writing and now it's nearly 3am and I have 3,500 words in a story I didn't want to write (yet). While there is a story that I do want to write, and would have liked putting those words toward.

Oh, writing. You mess with my brain. You also added a character I totally didn't account for and am now not entirely sure what to do with. Awesomesauce. Will you let me sleep now?

Thank you,

Edit: Nope, totally lied, you should never count on me for numbers late at night. Though the written-word number was right, I actually have 1,490 posts - so 10 more to go! *Is embarrassed.*
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1) I am a silly-face who can't count or apparently read properly at certain levels of Tired. So I have not made 2,500 posts--that post was my 2,490th. So 10 more to go. Well, 9 now. Still a fair amount. (;

2) My brain is not at its highest functioning level, I fear.

3) Still, I have that strange desire to be sociable at the moment, quite possibly because I am attempting to accomplish something.

4) I am trying to write. I am a touch out of practice. I mean, there was last night, but that was my brain forcing me to write; now I am trying to force my brain to write, and that is a very different matter.

5) If any of these sound like you in any way, please feel free to join me:

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