February 26th, 2012

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Hello all! My dear friend Kelly (ddagent) is working on her final-year university project this year. I don't know if you all recall my whinging and wailing about my dissertation (I'm sure many of you do), but I know how difficult it can be, and so I would like to help in any way possible.

Kelly is doing her dissertation on fanfiction subcultures, which means I have already helped by filling out the survey, and I have permission to put it up here in case any of you would like to help, too! It's quick and easy - a bit of information (no name, nothing too specific) and a few questions about fandom!term definitions. I thought putting it on my journal may offer voices from a few different fandoms, ages, and interests (femslash comes to mind).

I'll leave the words from Kelly and the survey beneath the cut.

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Thank you to anyone who does it! I personally found it rather fun. It surprised me how accustomed I am to these terms when they really are a fandom phenomenon, so mostly Internet, except during those rare and wonderful moments of spending time in real-person-3D with my dear fandom friends! And yet, I find them sneaking their way into my speech in general, when it comes to the written word or random things in life.

Off off and away I am, because a bunny is nibbling on my tosies, and that's dangerous!