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Kiwi Crocus
22 February 2012 @ 02:56 am
    (One Reason) Why I Love Tamora Pierce:

On fan fiction: “Fan fiction for my work, I won’t read it, but given that when I, oh let me put it like this… [in little-old-lady voice] “When I was a girl, we called it Star Trek stories, and we were glad to have ‘em! We didn’t have the internet! We shared them with our friends!” […] I’m actually quite honored. Like I said, I don’t read it, but I say “Go to.”

Source: This interview.

And if I recall correctly, Tammy wrote fanfic beyond when she was a "girl". And I don't believe the "I won't read it" is meant as any sort of opinionated judgement on her part; again if I'm remembering correctly, I believe it was her agent who told her it was a bad idea to read fanfic of her works and that she shouldn't. But, from what I've seen, she's always been great about fanworks--even giving the thumbs-up (literally, I think) to a fan-comic series based on her work. (She's a big comic fan.)

In other news, I opened some birthday goodies.Collapse )

And I'm feeling tired enough to sleep before four in the morning, which is an accomplishment. Thank you all for putting up with my multiple posts; I think having LJ as an outlet helped me a lot. And I even got some cleaning done. (: See you later today!
Kiwi Crocus
22 February 2012 @ 07:04 pm
I set this to post on my birthday, so hopefully it is.

Happy Birthday to me:
Wanna live in a tree,
Be friends with a monkey,
And flirt with mermaids in the sea!

This brought to you by: a desire to make my birthday all yayful-like.

But it needs more unicorns and rainbows and lesbians and stuff.Collapse )
Kiwi Crocus
22 February 2012 @ 11:51 pm
Kiwi's guide to feeling 22:

Step One...Collapse )

So yes, being 22 does remind me a touch of being under 10. Especially when my Da makes birthday crepes because "Now that it's not Pancake Day, I can make pancakes" (I'm hard-headed in a peculiar way for a reason - genes).

I got a cold for my birthday. So I didn't really do anything, but I had an excuse. And I did make it out to the library, and an errand, and did some cleaning. Maybe a more involved post later.

Also, earlier today I opened up my purse in the kitchen and a spider started crawling out. I squeaked, put the purse down, and hopped around my kitchen going “leil-leil-leil!” I am afraid of spiders. I deal with spiders, and I like spiders, but I am afraid of them—so when they surprise me, I’m not the most sensible person around (hence the hopping and random-sound-spouting). Eventually I got some tissues and brought the little fella outside. (The worst thing to witness is when there’s a spider in my shower. I always try killing it so humidity doesn’t make it slide down and surprise me…but then I feel all guilty about my life choices, so I end up, in my towel, taking the spider outside and going back to the shower.)

This is what being a grown-up is all about. Ouchies on your piggies and squeaking incoherent sounds at surprise spiders.