February 15th, 2012

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Mmmm me-days feel good!

I slept in, snuggled with my dog (who came up and plopped himself right by my chest), and even left the house. Went to CVS first to buy some shower gel, oil-free facial moisturizer (holy crow why does having a face cost so much?!), some cleanser for blemishes (this world is foreign to me), and some Misc. Stuff (a caramel-chocolate Cadbury bar and a deck of questions to prompt conversations hahaha). I was super confused by the Huge Wall of Face Stuff and must have sat staring for ages before I finally found what I think I needed. I wish the things I needed would just jump off the shelves and bop me on the head...except maybe when I need knives.

Went to the library to pick up Mastiff. An adult friend of mine through my UU congregation was there, so I asked about volunteering; she told me to come back and speak with the director but seemed excited to have me asking. Stuck around reading. (Friend was surprised when I emerged again hours later--"Oh! You're still here?") Joked around with one of the men working there.

Sang and laughed in the car as I drove to the centre of the town and bought naughty food: buffalo chicken fingers and curly fries. Certainly not fitted for any diet I might be considering, but definitely perfect for a Selfish Kiwi day. Said hello to CMace--my brother's best friend--since he works there and was in the shop between deliveries.

Came home, set up candles and music, and had a lovely meal over a book (I love reading as I eat). Prepared for a bath, took a shower, ran the bath with all the candles and music and loveliness...but silly me put the jets on. They hadn't been used in a Very Long Time, so instead they started putting some dirty stuff in the water and I hopped right out. The little time I did get was very relaxing, though, and I used the time to let the jets run until it looked as though they were cleaned out. So hopefully the next bath can be perfect! :D

Oh, and I drew something...

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And that was my Valentine's Day! I have had a wonderful date-day with myself. I think I'm going to try to clean up enough that I have a desktop again so I can move my laptop away from my bed. Maybe I'll get to my inbox a little bit...but we'll see. (: