February 10th, 2012

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Page 190 of Blood Promise by Richelle Mead:

Several moments passed, and then [Mark] exhaled.

Uhoh. One of the supporting characters has just clearly passed out and the narrator doesn't know it yet. Oh wait, no, he exhaled after several moments just in time to speak?

What do you know! I can hold my breath for only a minute, but this half-human, half-vampire (who still needs oxygen) is apparently just the most amazing thing since SCUBA equipment.

alskdjflaskdjf Richelle, learn what a minute is! And then learn what several of them together are! And if it takes trying to hold your breath for that long to really, truly grasp the meaning of such things...then perhaps you shan't forget it again.

That ends this short edition of Kiwi Has a Pet Peeve. Back to reading and ripping CDs at Carla's house in the middle of the night. (Actually, it's 1am--hardly the 'middle' of the night.)

ETA: You clever lot are totally right. Moment =/= (does not equal) minute. I think my sensitivity to it at the moment comes from the fact that I'm nearly certain she has used "minute" and "minutes" in the same context throughout her series, and I was trying to nab an example, but this was not an example of that at all. :P (And, for the record, I use 'several moments' or variants of it in my writing, too, so I totally can't fault her there!)