February 3rd, 2012

Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

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One of my favourite things in the world is watching my dog sleep, sit up and stretch his neck waaaaay back, and curl back around a few times until he's in the same circle facing a different way.

Tomorrow my sister's sister is getting married. She's my brother's age. It's at their house. My mother is helping serve food at the reception. I don't know if I'm going. I was texting with Kristine about how she's doing; when she asked me if I was "going tomorrow??" I asked her if she wanted me to go and didn't get a response to that. I did get the texts...

[:)] dahling i am goddess of my land here in [town]. I went for an estate tour. [:)]

You should observe your house from your window like a lord from her high perch!

Which may be a yes, but is also from my sister, so...could be unrelated. I don't know her sister very well. We'll see what the day brings.

I have broken out in spots and this displeases me very much.

I am reading the Twilight series. What I do to Stay In Touch with what people are reading... (And for personal aid in 'HP vs Twilight' arguments.) At least it is a library book so I am reminded that I can't throw it across the room when the urge strikes.

I have fallen in love with a fictional non-straight dominatrix.

I feel like the worse parts of 16 even though I turn 22 this month.

It's February.

I think someone else must have taken over my life.

Sometimes I hate the second, the fleeting thought or feeling, that can morph a moment that feels frivolous into one that feels deeper--feels as though it is going to make an impact or is impacted by what is already happening in life, out in the shadows beyond the frivolity. I resent that the change just occurred, and that it feels like a polar shift because it was not positive.

So we came to February...

Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

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Thank goodness for my dog. (He's off in my doorway barking [if 'barf barf' counts as a bark] at something, no doubt protecting me from some terrible monster.)

I was beginning to forget what laughter and smiles felt like (these days have been difficult), and then he started up with his antics until I was laughing. He's also very huggable and puts up with my need for snuggling.

He came over a few minutes ago, as I was trying to type something and failing, and he put his little maw down on my forearm and stared up at me with his big warm eyes. I love his expressions.

Thank goodness for my dog.

I think I'd be going insane otherwise.

(He's back from defending my honour, now, and he has clambered right into my lap. He's staring at the screen...and licking my hands. His head is on my hand. Awwwr! Silly doogy! It looks as though he's the one typing and reading this entry!)