January 31st, 2012

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About to head off to the library muuuuch later than I intended.

First I have a question. It may be a rather silly question.

Would anyone be willing to write me a piece of Harry Potter fanfic?

But it's more than that: it would be a reward. I want to clean my room by Friday the weekend and I'm finding it difficult to motivate myself. So I thought...well, what about a little incentive?

I've been craving Wilhelmina Grubbly-Plank/Pomona Sprout fic for ages. Even more-so since featherxquill sent me a link to a video of Judi Dench talking about/planting trees (I'll put it at the bottom).

So I was wondering if someone would be willing to write me any kind of Wilhelmina/Pomona fic (drabble, drablet, short story, poem, or really even a picture!) for if I make some Significant Progress on my room by Friday the-weekend-to-encompass-working-through-Friday-night-if-that's-what-happens. Note: The work itself absolutely would not be 'due' by Friday--I'd just know, that day, whether I succeeded and could patiently wait for something to squee all over. And I can wait patiently for a very long time. Especially since this is essentially just a way to trick myself into cleaning my room. (; This would be an absolutely no-pressure gig!

I love any sort of thing, really: gen (even if it's just the two characters in a mundane, every-day conversation) especially with clear friendship, femslash (yum yum!), AU, crackfic, whatever flows best for the writer! Even if that's dysfunctional angsty stuff (I know some people really excel at writing that); I'm down for anything.

I am fairly hard on myself in all respects, so it's not as though I'll call any half-hearted attempted 'significant progress'. I could take picture proof, too, since that Significant Progress will probably reveal my camera.

Alright. I'll put the video here, then, and head off to the library. (: Let me know if you can help me out with some unique motivation! ♥

(...and now I'm here trying to think of a ship name. LEAVE, Kiwi!)