January 27th, 2012

Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

Letters to Things

Dear Skins,

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My brow is raised at you good sir,

Dear Pan Am,

Keep doin' what you doin'.

Yay but no spoilers here,

Dear Richelle Mead,

You have a good surname. Also, I am finding myself surprisingly drawn into your Vampire Academy books. But do you understand the definition of a minute? Do you understand the duration of time that is 'a few minutes'? That's 60 seconds times at least two and that's...a lot of time for a character to be standing there doing nothing, or staring, or doing little trivial things. I just wanted to make sure you knew. Because if a line of students were being called up by name--every student in the room--and the person calling the students didn't notice for a few minutes that I didn't go up when my name was called, as everyone was watching in silence? I would seriously doubt her supposedly super-human senses.

Lady with a Literary Pet Peeve

Dear Writer's Security,

You need to deliver something to me. Maybe just enough for me to sign up for the Secret Admirer Exchange on Goldenlake? Because that could potentially lead to Clary/Ahuda or Clary/Beka or Lady Sabine/Aniki or Kora/Lady Sabine/Aniki or Clary/Lady Sabine(/possibly Tunstall) or other such goodies that you know at least one other friend of mine would adore? I would really like to take a few steps out of Writer's Insecurity and into Writer's Security, if you please. So please take me in! I don't want to be at -25 confidence anymore!

A Neurotic Insecure Writer Desiring Femslash

Dear Bagel,

You should just come into existence in my bowl of fruit so that I wake up tomorrow, see a perfectly wonderful half of an avocado in my fridge, and have you to put it on in lovely thin slices. That would be wonderful. Even without the cream cheese.

Yes I Do Love Bagels

Dear Rainbow Cupcake,

I love you too. You fit perfectly in my hands and are so rainbow and lovely. I love having things in my hands to play with.

Your New Friend,
No Shame About Befriending a Clay Cupcake

Dear Brain,

You totally took one of those last lines to the wrong place. I think it's time to bed (bed being a non-sexual verb here). Yes, I know it's only midnight, but we're trying this new responsible sleep schedule thing now, in case Someone Important calls.

No you can't argue with me,
...rest of Brain?

P.S. If you don't get too tetchy, we can read a bit of Shadow Kiss before we go to sleep. And then maybe, maybe I will stop talking to myself.
Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

(no subject)

Finally caught up on current LJ stuff! (Still have bookmarked entries from a while back to go through, some time, but for now I'm caught up.) It's a nice feeling!

Although I am now realising how tired I feel. That would normally be fine, but...I'm volunteering as a senior youth (high-school aged teen) advisor at an overnight con tonight and I know that at least two of the girls there are quite high-energy chatty and giggly. Which is fine, because I totally get that way too...but they're usually like that, and it's easier to deal with when one does not feel sleepy. (Thankfully another youth going is quieter, more introspectively thoughtful, and always looking to hang out with me; so that should mean a few lower-energy chats at least.)

I'm thinking the solution may be a nap. I have to be in the centre of town for 6.30, so if I wrap my gift for the Saturday night party before I sleep, I could get at least three hours of sleep and still be able to get up, shower, pack, print directions, and get to town.

And naps fill me with a delightful warm feeling. So it's like a gift to myself! My dog loves them, too. But he already thinks everything is a gift for him.

Off with me! To wrapping and napping and packing and chatting!

...I wonder what the workshops at the con will be. Or what the advisors will be expected to do. I don't even. I shall not think about it, for that would keep me from sleeping well!

Maybe I'll be silly and bring my half an avocado so I can buy a toasted bagel at Dunkin's and slice the avocado on top... People of my town have totally seen me do stranger things in my car.