January 26th, 2012

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    Today-ish in Kiwi:

  • I managed to set my alarm for 9am and actually wake up, even though I had nothing I specifically needed to do! (Yaaaay being on the way to a normal-ish schedule!)

  • Unfortunately the 'going to bed at a reasonable time' didn't work so much last night. I've been reading the Vampire Academy books (I can't even help it anymore; they're a little addictive) and I couldn't put down the second book, Frostbite. So now it's today and I'm on to Shadow Kiss but haven't become quite as addicted to reading it--probably because I haven't allowed myself in to where the plot unfurls. :B

  • I have been reading! Books! And some might doubt the quality of such books, but that doesn't matter so much because they are still made up of words down on paper that has been bound up into one readable entity that I have been reading! I think I've started a belated New Year's resolution: read one book a week. That is so not a stretch for me that I have no excuse not to. Especially since, if I miss a week, I should be able to read two the next week.

  • Da's people were around for the funeral of one of the members of his men's team (which is sad). But it meant that two of them were here while I was all 'la la la jammies in the living room, bra what bra?' and they asked me questions about Life, My Universe, and Everything I'm Not Doing so I felt rather silly. Especially since their daughters are off being all amazing and I'm...on the sofa, reading teenage vampire books, watching television, and trying to catch up on my online life?

  • I ate a bagel with well-sliced avocado slices on top today. It was scrumptious.

  • I have ice-cream. I really should get on eating it soon, because otherwise if it disappears from the freezer I will have no one to blame but myself.

  • Back in, like, second year of university my friend was doing a live-stream video of her doing stuff with clay. I was there watching/interacting and she asked if there were any requests; I said, "Rainbow cupcake!" So she made one for me. But it was big, so it would cost a bit to get to me (and to pay for the supplies). I finally gave her the rest of the money the other day (it really wasn't that much, I just had no money then) and she sent it to me. It arrived today!

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    And for now that is all! I have a relaxing night tonight, then off to bed with me and tomorrow morning/afternoon I have to wrap a gift and get myself ready to be a Senior Youth advisor for a one-night youth conference a few towns over. Should be interesting. Then Saturday, right after the conference, I head off to the 65th birthday party of a friend (she was all concerned as she knows I'll be the youngest one there--hah, as if I mind!), which will involve a Yankee Swap (I bought a ukulele as my 'outrageous gift') and a big game of Charades. I've never really played. So that will be...interesting. And possibly humbling. If all goes wrong, though, I shall play the "I'm too young to understand!" card. (Being under 25 with a hip replacement has its uses for playing both sides of the fence...and if anyone complains, I can play the Trauma Card and oh, what do you know, game over! (; But it's all in good fun.)