January 25th, 2012

Rainbow || Mug.

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You know, I've thought this oodles of times, but I'm posting it now...

I wish LJ had a 'randomise icon' button, so I could write up a comment and hit that if the comment doesn't perfectly fit one of my icons (or, uh, my icons don't fit the comment, more precisely). If LJ picks an icon that doesn't fit the comment (like a 'squee' comment and a randomised 'SET THE INTERNET ON FIRE!' icon), then I can just hit 'randomise' again! And look, a random plant icon! Pretty! *Post.*

I dream of it. I have 115 icons; I would like to see more of them in comments, but sometimes it's annoying to scroll and pick a random one.

This would be my solution.

If only it existed. I would use it on this post, actually.
HP || Irma || Slytherin

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I just went to Facebook to see if I could find where those green-snake heels came from (I saw it on a HP Facebook group and there may have been a link to the real shoe page).

Instead I found out that Uni. Reading had a Harry Potter Society. I checked out the page.

First, I saw someone had left a link to DiaCon in Canterbury (the convention I attended).

Then, I saw the group pictures...AND MY HOUSEMATE DIMITRI WAS IN THE VERY FIRST ONE! And then more of them. With a clear "Slytherin" name-tag.

Did he tell me that there was a HP Society? No, of course not. (And they weren't well-advertised or I would have known, really I would have...)

I am reminded that I can't trust a Slytherin who steals my cereal bowl.

Watch yourself, D-man. You have my favourite cereal bowl and failed to mention a society I would have joined in a heartbeat.

I'm handy with a wand, you know.