January 24th, 2012

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My conscience is going off like mad about something that won't come to mind. I'm getting fed up with feeling ill when I can't think of the reason and thus can't do anything about it. I hope I haven't done anything bad or wronged anyone--or that I'm not about to. Erg. I'm like Neville, sometimes, in that I have a conscience version of the Remembrall but often don't know what it's going on about! (Until it's close to too late, anyway.)

Some of it is nerves, though, since I gave in my application/resume/cover letter yesterday. But I can tell it's not all that.

At least I found the response my old professor and personal tutor Mark sent me when I asked him for a reference:

"Happy of course to provide a reference for my most interesting undergraduate of the decade award winner (inaugurated in your honour!)."

That makes me happy, at least, and grin like a loony. Mark's fantastic. I still miss sitting in the front row of his lectures, especially when he used to make statements about kiwi-birds and then make a comment about me. Most of the class would laugh, too, since almost all of them knew me... Oh, university memories. Back to tasks.