January 20th, 2012

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The cover letter has defeated me.

Actually, that's a lie; I mustn't tell those. Honey mustard chicken sausages defeated me. They worked to weaken me, destroy me from the inside, make me spend much of the evening in terrible pain and being ill...but I made it to the other side!

And I finished filling out the application I had been writhing too much to finish previously! And I finished updating my resume and sent it to zofbadfaith, who said it was good and not just because she's my friend! And I re-researched cover letters and created the layout and made an outline of what I have to include...

But then I have stopped. Because it's 10am and there's no sane way to write this cover letter to the best of my ability, print it out (possibly elsewhere if we're still out of ink), get my sick-all-last-night self all ready, and show my face at my old high school to hand it all in. I also read the last cover letter I wrote and was not at all impressed (though I thankfully got the job); I don't want this one to make me wrinkle up my nose the way the one from two years ago did.

So despite my deadline for today, I am putting the cover letter to the side and it shall be a weekend chore. I also have a carton of Ben & Jerry's to act as my better-than-a-carrot-for-I'm-no-rabbit incentive.

Cover letter: 1; Kiwi: 0

For the record, I didn't cook the sausages, a friend did. And until that point (some early-am after lovely snow) it was a great evening. I also didn't cry through any of the evening (which surprises me more with the job application process than with the physical pain), so that's a plus!

I shall defeat this cover letter yet. In time. I shall sneak up on it the way the sausages did on me.