January 12th, 2012

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Once upon a day, Jenne admitted to me that she loves yoyos and that if the world was falling apart around her, she might not notice it if she had a yoyo. I have been researching yoyos and where to acquire one. Yesterday, I failed to buy one from Walmart (though I think I felt corporate corruption slithering against my skin). Today I failed to find one at another Walmart (damn hard to find a good yoyo in Massachusetts) but succeeded in snatching a reasonable one at Toys'R'Us. I thought that, with it being 2012 and the year of Ultimate Destruction of the World oh Dooooom, a yoyo would be the perfect gag gift for Jenne. But also not a gag-gift, because I know she really like them and I picked up a good one. Also, if anyone is going to think up a yoyo meditation, it'll be Jenne...and I love yoyoing, and need to get myself to meditate more.

Also made it to Savers with my friend Cake (whom I haven't seen in far too long) and was purchased by a pair of white Victorian-esque boots for cheap (they own me now). When I put them on I fell in love with my feet. Unfortunately some drama went on with Cake's mother so we had to cut the visit short.

But what I'm really writing up this post for is a mention and some fulfilment of one of my semi-resolutions. (I'm not strict on them; I try to gently incorporate them into my life.) One that I wanted to do was to be more open with LJ. Long ago, I didn't have many friends in fandom...so this was more of a straight up journal and I felt free to speak on whatever I wished, TMI be damned (though of course I usually used LJ-cuts or warned). These past few years I've been more careful. Also, I'm afraid of being judged by fandom friends, as I tend to hold you all up quite high in my esteem and would always hate to fall further down away from all of you hanging out with the stars.

So the rest of this post will be to follow through with that resolution, and also because I feel it's something I want to mention before my Rowe post (which I have not started yet but is due by tomorrow when I leave--due dates on LJ posts, hark).

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Ahhah! Getting work done on my resolutions! And coming out of the closet! (Or coming out of the medicine cabinet, or something.)