January 11th, 2012

Agnes Moorehead || Writing.

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Iiii was going to to an end-of-year writing round-up post and meme.

But then I checked, and I've written a bit above 190,000 words (when did that happen?) and most of it (save the dissertation and, like, one poem) is fanfiction. Much of it is rare-paring in a rare fandom, so I'm not sure I would have included it anyway, but I'd feel all guilty to ignore it...

So I'll jost post my writing list:

Here I am! I'm Kiwi's writing!

And I'll leave it at that.

I had the impression that I didn't write that much this year. Hello, Dear Delusion, my name is Kiwi. I was wondering if you and your friend Denial were available for tea soon?

I wrote 32k of Rosethorn/Lark. That makes my little rare-fandom, rare-pair heart happy. And 58k of Circlecest! Talk about rare-pair, when I eventually had all four of them in a polyamorous quad relationship...

(If only I had written the final 8,900 words...hitting 200k in a year would have been fun! Come to think of it, I'm positive I did write more, but that it never got posted anywhere officially. Ah well. Close enough! I think I have made featherxquill's writing icon for me proud, at least.)