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Kiwi Crocus
09 January 2012 @ 05:00 am
The hoggywartyxmas reveals are up and so the large part of the part (masks on) is over for another year. I'm sure there will be stragglers like me remaining for a while to work through the material. (What a chore, to have to read and read and read through all this amazing writing. How on Mercury shall I manage.) I still have just over 115,000 words to read and comment on. I'm excited, but will take this set with less frenzy, so I can be guilt-free in getting to other tasks in my life.

I'm sad that I really only got to about half the entries before the reveals--way less than half the material--and even at that, 12 were within the last two days. (I think two days. Time has escaped me again...ah, life of a nocturnal person.)

an_fhanai wrote my stellar gift; that absolutely made my fest experience. I loved it! So I'm mentally sending a standing ovation that-a-way.

Hopefully there shall be a Next Year's Party, and even if I don't write for it, hopefully I'll at least keep up.

ETA: It also feels odd to not have read the stories by many of those I often read, before the reveals. I shall read them with reverence when I get to them, then. (Though I admit to already having read one of the longer ones, but didn't want to leave a comment until I had read it again, with whatever changes, as part of the fest.)

So that's a wrap--somewhat for me at least--on Hoggywarty this year! Guess I have no more reason to be awake at 5am (stayed up for the opening, thought I ought to stay up for the closing!). Sleep, then. Off I go to do that!