January 8th, 2012

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I just realised that I never posted the oddball graphics stuff I worked on this week. After I edited my town all up and down, I thought, "What would happen if I touched a HP picture?"

So I did. I shall share the results and you may run in terror. Or take one or some and use them. Or do both.

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And now you are all caught up on the graphics of my life. Back to fic-reading for a while. Then I have to do that silly sleep thing so I'm awake for tomorrow. D:
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It is super duper my bed time but I realised I really wanted to post about the Recent Goings On in my life before I forgot them. (Many of my posts are actually for you and I to share, dear reader, for I have a terrible memory and otherwise need to ask others for stories about me to remember. It's terribly embarrassing.)

-- The travel up to Maine with Dweeb and CMace (Dweeb's best friend) was great. CMace shares my birthday, which isn't something I always put much stock in, but it's odd to my scientific brain that I have been really similar to those I share a birthday with thus far in my life. CMace and I continue that trend. It was also funny watching him speed (our driving is one thing we are not very similar in).

-- I thought I was going to be Super Productive at the lounge of the ski/board mountain. There was Internet. I wasn't.

-- The brake light came on during the drive to the Mountain. On the way back, when we stopped for gas, CMace checked the brake fluid (sensible move). It was freezing cold; I was still regaining feeling in the tips of my thumb and index finger. As I was driving along down the road, there was a loud crash and suddenly all I could see was deep green. I barked "AHH!" (pleasantly deep, and thus not at all a yelp or a girly scream, which I would not have liked) and ducked down between the line of the hood/bonnet of the car that had hit the windshield and the bottom of the shield, where there was a few inches I could see. CMace also yelled and said "stop, stop!" while I was already slowing, indicating and pulling over. That made me look up to the windshield in front of him, which was cracked in a way that there appeared to be a hole, and I wondered if I had just Almost Killed My Brother's Best Friend via fast-flying glass shard, which would have been bad. But that wasn't the case--only the inside layers of the glass are cracked--and CMace later stated that I remained "composed", dealt with it well, and "didn't go outside the lines". So that was good. Called my uncle, he turned around and used some u-shaped device to latch the warped hood back down, and off we went. Turns out the latch was rusted and frozen so it stopped working. Back at the cabin we had steak, chatted, and read--it was a lovely evening, really. And the day was a great bonding experience between me and CMace; it alerted me to our similarities. We were the only two in the car (my brother was with my uncle on the way back) and we both dealt with the situation with humour and compassion. I'm rather glad I didn't kill him; he was glad, too. (He laughed and laughed when I told him I thought I'd killed or nearly killed him by a shard of flying glass.)

-- The next day we replaced the hood with a white hood that has an odd vent, so now our Subaru Outback looks ridiculous with a green body and white hood that clearly doesn't match. Plus the cracked windshield. But we drove home from Maine anyway!

-- Friday I met with Gar and Sapph so that's already covered. Today I went to the coffee house, which was sold out already online (hardly ever happens), and was thus packed. Left after a short time of being there to get sandwiches and a drink for my mother and me. Joked and texted through the first half. Helped a teenager sell raffle tickets during the intermission; she didn't listen to me at all so eventually I had to say things like, "Please respect me. We're two different people and I have sorted through the raffle basket a few times." She was receptive and listened a bit more then (though I had previously picked up on the fact that she is a teenager who has difficulty with directions); I got her breaking up the raffle tickets as I organised the money. And of course I let her be the one to pull the winning tickets. It's interesting, having a leadership role at church, because it's something that flows: equal or mentoring when just hanging around, more authority (but less than in a school setting) when there are tasks to be done. The second half I joked around more, helped scrub tables, packed up plastic, folded tablecloths, and moved tables. It was a nice evening.

-- Before the coffee house (as in, when I was in leggings and a bra applying deodorant downstairs [where I always accidentally leave it]), I got a call from the family minister of my congregation. I was very "...?" as I picked up. She asked me if I wanted to be a mentor for the Coming of Age programme at the congregation (for the teenagers growing into a more mature Unitarian Universalist faith and exploring what that means) since one of the mentors had to drop out. I asked, "Do you think this is something I can do?" "Yes, you definitely can!" she answered immediately. I said, "Alright, if you have every confidence in me, then sure, I'll do it!" And like that I became a mentor for a Coming of Age participant; I was in the program when I was a sophomore or junior in high school, during its first year of running in a while.

-- During the coffee house I was approached by our main minister, who told me that she knew Ann had beat me to asking me a question. Carol then asked if I would be interested in joining the "worship committee" (in UUism there's a committee for everything--the joke is it takes a committee of UUs to plug in a light bulb) which brainstorms and runs lay-led services, such as in the summer. She noted that I have experience with it (I basically ran the creation of the senior youth services when I was a junior and senior, plus did a lot when I was a sophomore) and that she needed someone comfortable with going up in front of the congregation. I asked, "And you are okay with my mode of operating, as in observing and listening first before I tend to join in more?" She said, "Yesyes, yesyes of course!" So I replied, "Sure, I'm in!" I am now a mentor to a CoA participant and a member of the worship committee. All within one night.

-- I thought this evening about how I've never considered volunteer work as something to count. I had the damndest time when I was nominated for the National Honour Society junior year because I had to prove my "character" by having a list of volunteer hours. I was calling my friend Gar and rambling, "But what if I don't have enough! What if they don't count! I've never written anything down--are we supposed to? I'm a terrible person and I don't do anything and I don't have the sort of character the NHS wants!" Which, granted, not true (I was accepted). But it always seemed to me that people should have some sort of community or cause they give their time to; I never understood why it was special. I don't need to be convinced to give my time (at least, not of the task; occasionally I need to be convinced that I'm good enough for people to want my time). I was almost curious what my yearly volunteer hours would add up to...but I'm not that curious, because somehow I feel I wouldn't like looking at the number, no matter how low or high it was.

-- On Thursday my mother and I finally went to the Verizon store and picked me up a new phone, which has been with me since. It does real phone things! And slides open! And has a little keyboard! And I love it! So I've been texting a lot and loving text conversations again, which are much like my IM conversations but happen throughout the day and I don't have to be in front of a computer. (If you're a texter and would like a new person to text with, drop me a line and we can swap digits!)

That is my life at the moment. Tomorrow I head into church to help with the senior youth Religious Education (RE), which will be board games and conversation, and then Coming of Age with my new mentee. Then it will be straight back home for as much hoggywartyxmas reading as I can do until about 4-5am Sunday night/Monday morning, when reveals will go up (guessing by previous trends). Sometimes I feel I'm in the wrong time zone! :B But not really, given my nocturnal schedule.

And that's 3.30am, which means I need to zonk out now. I give up on short posts; I always need to include more so I'll remember it.
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I wanted to make sure I rec my hoggywartyxmas story before reveals because it is amazing and I've been wanting to rec it but life went and gobbled me up.

So here is At the Day's Dawning (PG; 6,000 words; Septima Vector and Olympe Maxime), which is a brilliant take on an Egyptian Septima with her solstice beliefs--religious/traditional as well as scientific, in what she wants to test. I left three comments worth of squee over at the entry (I love when it's my gift--then I don't feel at all guilty over taking up lots of space with my squee!). I adore the interactions between Septima and Olympe and the relationship that develops, especially in relation to Septima's family.

I'm a diehard winter person (New Englander from birth) but I loved the warmth anyway. Beautiful descriptions, clever lines, awesome characterisation. It is one of the most unique Harry Potter fics I've ever read--which I really appreciate after something like eight years in fandom! I've been fascinated by Egypt for a long time, especially after a teacher-friend at my high school mentioned visiting there a few times.

This story is amazing. If you are at all interested in Harry Potter and female friendship, go read it. It'll be worth it!

Now. I was going to head straight into fic-reading but typing this up took way longer than it should have due to my epic case of Teh Tired. I think I'm going to allow myself an hour or two of sleep--then I'll still have the 12 hours straight for fic reading to do what I can.