January 2nd, 2012

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Today I had a day that did not feel incredibly super bad, I only played Solitaire twice (to wake up in the morning/afternoon), and was actually rather life productive.

I was going to make a real post about it.

But for the most part I'm like this:

and my pug wants me to go to sleep. He's annoyed at my wiggling foot, but he's the one who decided to use it as a pillow, so it's not my fault.

To my clock and the world I say this:

Now I shall go let down and cuddle up with my hair (...plus pug...) and sleep for a spot. Tomorrow night, late, my brother, his best friend and I are headed up to Maine. There I will meet Finneus the Christmas Kitty, whom my uncle rescued in Florida and flew back home. We will all also head to Sugarloaf Mountain, where the other three humans shall skii/snowboard and I shall stay in the lounge reading and daydreaming of skiing one more time.

Sleep. Oh I have an overdue book out from the library. If I dream of Irma punishing me I'll...be okay, actually. Very okay, considering.