December 29th, 2011

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Oh, Zoeey. You know I would love you without the ukulele, but I'll admit it doesn't hurt.

(I don't know what I'm doing New Year's. 2005 I had a quiet sleepover with a friend. 2006 I stayed in and don't want to think about. 2007 I complained about drunk/high people and the need to party, made a long this-year-in-LJ post and read Harry Potter. 2008 I read a lesbian book about a horny, hormonal librarian, hosted a small gathering at my house and somehow ended up dancing in my bra and making out with my ex infront of my friends...which sounds cooler than it actually was. 2009 I brought in the new decade with a party at Cake's house and a pinky-promise with Cake that I would finally hook up with a woman. 2010 I went to a party with the 607 Providence lot and it was strange, but I overall enjoyed New Year's with them; the day after sucked.)

I could make my way to a party with some Rowies in Western MA, but...I'm not sure I have it in me to party this year, even for Apocalypto 2012: End of the World New Years Party. The description of the drinking is rather clever...

Apocalypse Blood Punch will be provided to honor the Mayan Gods. Round aluminum cylinders of fermented wheat water will also be provided to dull the impending doom. Anticipating the shortage of liquid carbon, ethanol will be provided by the shot to fuel your internal engine. We encourage you to bring any additional libation to nurture the debauchery. </blockquote>

...but maybe what I need this year is a night in with some literature. I don't really fancy driving across the state this year. It'll be funny to have the New Year's in which I am finally 21 not involve a party with drinks, but it's the sort of funny that fits my life, so I wouldn't mind. At least I won't feel bad if I don't make interpersonal plans. I always wanted to, during university, since I only had a few weeks home and New Year's was an excellent time to see some of my Stateside friends. But now that I'm a Stateside resident again...well, I can spend a night in with a book and my pug without guilt, can't I?

Yes, I can. Mmm what a thought...