December 12th, 2011

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Concert was amazing and I need to write about it at some point. Have a cold. Am taking decongestants for today so that I can write.

Last night an article was emailed to a group I'm in and I shared it on Facebook. I wanted to share it here, too, with the comment I wrote.

Led by the child who simply knew

My comment:

Glad to see an article like this. It hits home, though, because I was on one of these hormone blockers from 7 to 12 for precocious puberty and the doctor seemed to have a similar 'no ill consequences' attitude to them. It may be that way for most who go through the suppressant treatment, but if I had been told to look out for 'new or worsening bone pain' (now listed as a side effect for Lupron here: I may never have fractured my hip and required operations that ultimately led to a full hip replacement; I could have had one preventative operation. So I hope, for Nicole's and others' sakes, that the doctors are being more upfront about what side effects to look for. I was a petite pre-pubescent on hormone suppressants once, too, and now I'm a less-petite woman with a cane and chronic hip pain. Please, doctors, take care with the Nicoles of the future! But don't let my plea detract from my gratitude for your helping them.

(Choosing and embracing a name is a powerful thing and Nicole, you chose a beautiful name. I hope it will continue treat you well and be a source of power in what you've made it through and the strength inherent to you.)

ETA: I forgot to mention that one of the reasons it hits so close to home is that I got my treatment checkups at the same hospital.

Didn't expect to brush against something that felt so close to home today. Off to write with me!
Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

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I find I need a bit of a cheer-up post, as I occasionally do upon remembering some parts of my childhood.

So! If you have cheerful/funny/silly/non-depressing thinky/ridiculous media to share, please do! I am grateful for anything that you choose to share. (: Hopefully if any of you need a cheer-up post, too, this one can help.

I bring a video of Emma Thompson being absolutely ridiculous as Sybill Trelawney:

(Watch the woman next to her as well.)