November 30th, 2011

Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

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I won NaNo WriMo 2011 with about two hours to spare, so 12,000 words written in the last two days. I won with smut and flirting. Oh, and mermaids (merwomen or merfolk, they would correct me). Cool.

That's five years in a row, now! My sixth win but I lost my second year due to my hip being all 'hah hah hah I'm dying and painful no writing for you missy!' I don't blame myself, but it makes me even more excited to have hit the half-decade-of-winning this year.

I also didn't finish the novel, which means I officially have a WIP novel again. That makes me happy. It's been too long since I've had a WIP novel any time but November. Now I have something to work on for long term and can hold myself to deadlines like a chapter a week, or something.

It also means I now have time to finish reading for samhain_smut, write for hoggywartyxmas, finish cleaning my room, read books, watch tv shows without guilt (the 'without guilt' is the important part there), catch up on LJ and try to be more Around in general.

It's about an hour to the 1st of December, which for me is the start of winter (Solstice too, but my mindset goes to winter with the start of December). That is exciting for me. First start of winter I've had in America in four years! I'm used to being in England and pining for a New England winter at this time.

Going to go back to watching The Good Wife and then the recent episode of Glee. Then I get to see what tomorrow brings me, which is exciting. I can't believe I get to read again!

*Cheers.* Teenage me would be proud of me! It may not have been 10,000 words a day, but it was some serious procrastination and eventual triumph. *Waves fist around in the air.*