November 26th, 2011

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Okay time needs to just pause for a sec and lemme catch up.


But that's not going to happen and I'm going to lose another minute of sleep for every minute I'm here, so it's time to GTFO the 'net soon.

Bookshelf organised (books by height for optimal storage). Books thus off trunk; some things put into trunk. Surface available for laptop for serious NaNoWriMo writing soon.

Tomorrow plan. Wake up from not-enough sleep. Drive to Michael-Buddy's & Brian's, learn how to care for their dogs & cats (animal/house-sitting Dec. 6th to 16th - huzzah!). Contact tattooedsappho. Nap/stare at my ceiling. Sapph hopefully arrive. Mad writing timez. Brownies, or something. Maybe Baileys.

ETA: I just walked into a closed door. I was the one who closed the door in the first place. I really wish I had been sleep walking... *rubs face.*
Rainbow || OLSB-rocker-lady.

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2) In order to screen shot that, I stopped with "The" at the beginning of a new sentence. I got distracted. When I came back I asked aloud, "What was I writing? I just have 'the'." Here is tattooedsappho's suggestion:

(Bad writing is bad writing. I, uh, was going for quantity-over-quality for the last paragraph approaching 30k.) Somehow not quite what I was going for. Although the two (older-lesbian) ladies are about to meet for the first time and they're certainly not going to be footsying/finying around their attraction the way the younger set will be.

And hey, I need to hit a word count. If old lady smut is what I need to do it, then old lady smut there will be.