November 15th, 2011

Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

Dear November:

Sometimes you make me feel as though I'm chasing life around in circles.

- Kiwi

P.S. You're mean on joints. I could make a holiday song out of my click-clacking.
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Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

NaNoWriMo: National Not Writing Month

Dratted Kiwi,

Please stop giggling at me for the sock on my head. You put it there.

I personally think it's incredibly rude for you to laugh at the apparel you have chosen for me. I happen to believe that fuzzy-blue is absolutely my colour and I am enjoying my new head ornament very much.

If you're going to wake me up to put a sock on my head, at least have the decency to acknowledge that it looks fabulous. Your giggles are unappreciated. My new hat and I are going to sleep.


P.S. Don't go thinking I've forgotten that you put your bra on your head when you're extra stressed. There is picture proof; don't make me go mean. I'm a pug, it's against my breeding.

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Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

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Kiwi's Keep - Pub of Pleasantries

The barkeep appears tired, at least if the fists rubbing at her eyes are any indication. Her smile is just as quick to appear at a new arrival.

"Happy National Not Writing Month!" she calls over the bar. The few patrons present - all writing, pretending to write or obviously procrastinating with drawings of unicorns - jump at the sudden loud noise. "Grab a seat, try to write a novel, have a drink, put that fest fic in a corner for a time out when you both misbehave."

She lifts up a stack of parchment and tickles it with her quill. "You're not alone. It's the half-way mark. 25,000 words - quite the count to achieve!" Her eyes shift around some before she glances back at her parchments and winces. "I've yet to achieve it. Best of luck!"

My Da has to get to the airport for 5.15am, so I'll be awake and writing until probably close to 4.30am, when I leave to drive him. Feel free to join me in the chat with whatever writing you're working on now! Or, if you're all caught up on anything, you could just be all smug and superior.

Back to writing... *Sighs.*

Have a pretty picture:
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20k wordcount means it's time to bring you all a special song.

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But Kiwi, what is she saying? Why, I'll give you the Collapse )

And now for something completely different!

Dueltastic, in chat, was explaining to me what the "Five Things" fic type was and used the example "Four Times Poppy Never Seduced Pomona And One She Did", which sadly does not exist. Does anyone have any desire to bring it to life?

*Puppy-kitty-Pomona eyes.*
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