November 9th, 2011

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samhain_smut reveals have been posted.

I promised featherxquill that she could needle me 'til I popped if I didn't re-post my story and actually promote myself for once. I thought I would do the intelligent thing and prevent myself from being made a human pincushion.

(I know, I know, it's shocking to hear I actually do write, and things do actually get posted from time to time. Hardly by me, really, but there's a first-handful-of-times for everything. This may make a handful of fic I've actually promoted myself.)

I wrote Goddess of Fruit and Seed, which has now joined my list of fest fic (just so it's known I have one).

I am delighted to see that the prompt was from none other than kellychambliss, who can never get gifts enough for her wonderful participation and encouragement in fandom. Thank you for the prompt, dearie! It turns out I've wanted to write this fic for ages. (:

I wrote the story in an attempt to make plants sexy (in my own, OLSB, yay-lesbians and unconventional relationships sort of way). Genera like Clitoria really make things easy on me, thankfully. And, as I'm rather fond of dear old Sprout, the rest didn't come with much more than a good firm yank, either.

It was a fun fest! I probably won't have a rec post up until I've read everything, so not until after my NaNoWriMo novel is done, but hopefully it'll make it here eventually; I've been bookmarking what I want to rec.

Now back to writing! In this sprint I should hit 10,000 words! It may not be 13,400 as I intended, but at least I'm far closer to being caught up! And that's all from me. :D

(Pomona is just agreeing that featherxquill can't poke and needle me now. Wait, what's that Pomona...? No, no you are not allowed to mention hoggywartyxmas until I've finished my novel, you know that--Feather and Queenie can't heckle me 'til later so nor can you! Don't you dare tell me to go straight back to writing when I'm spreading the word of your expertise! Hmmph. Next time I'm writing you with a thistle, you ol' coot--don't give me that look or I'm sending you answering to Willa. Oh, the mouth on you!)

*Kiwi disappears to have A Word with Pomona.*

P.S. I just made this icon, so you're free to take it! (By 'made' I mean 'cropped a picture'.)
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I found this tumblr called askhogwarts, which is hilarious in that it presents the Hogwarts Staff with questions from people on tumblr and a picture is drawn along with the answer. The artist is absolutely marvellous. I've selected 10 of the ones that I absolutely loved and I will post them below the cut.

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That's all for now! My procrastination is merited because I left the house for a library run to return a book. (No, it doesn't matter that I didn't dress for it and was wearing jammie bottoms...that's clearly not important.)
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