November 7th, 2011

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My dog is barking in his sleep and it's pretty adorable. (I use 'barking' lightly here, for he's a pug and I'm not sure how much his sound actually resembles a bark.) I am exhausted and my new sleeping dog icon should be my icon for that, but it is not.

Because featherxquill made this writing icon for me out of a picture of Agnes Moorehead and I think it is perfect. Also, today I worked hard writing even though I utterly failed at my goal to reach 10k by this evening. Instead I finished Chapter 2. But I also thought I would have the whole day after church to write, feeling reasonably refreshed. That was not the case.

[~] Church was alright. Got a bagel beforehand because I was craving a bagel like crazy and the one in the house had been eaten. We sang a hymn, "With Heart and Mind", which I hadn't heard before and really enjoyed, about a congregation for those with open/seeking minds and open/loving hearts. I'm a Sunday-morning sap. Michelle Kelly (one of the best singers in choir) sang "Circle Game" by Joni Mitchell with her guitar. It was beautiful and the congregation joined along and I cried (see: sap). We also sang "Spirit of Life" and "This Little Light of Mine" which have always been two of my absolute favourites. Rachel, one of the senior-high youths, did a sermon on a leadership camp she went to since the minister was away. It was short and rather vague, but I was proud of her for giving it a shot.

[+] After church one of the women from a lesbian couple I love invited me to dinner/a film at theirs on Friday, with them and their two pupsters and perhaps a glass of wine. I was also introduced to K's great-aunt, who was a feisty 87-year-old with hilarious stories to tell. Meg and Sue, another couple (though unintentional; they lived together for 20 years 'waiting for the right men' until they realised that they had what they wanted right there), came and chatted with me for a long while about the economy. Their intelligence tends to intimidate me sometimes in what they expect me to know, but I enjoy spending time with them. They just tend to remind me that the moments I do consider myself smart, it's in my ability to learn, rather than in my actual body of knowledge, which I find pretty scant still.

[-] The car was acting up as I drove home, with the whole radio setup and dashboard arrows completely shutting off when I didn't have my foot on the gas; occasionally the engine didn't sound 100%. I made it literally to my parking spot when the engine gave out, despite my foot on the gas. So that was fun. Told my Da and he said, "I'll go set up the battery charger." Unfortunately I don't speak Common Man and didn't realise that meant "I'll do that later," so he didn't until I inadvertently reminded him about it when I mentioned that we would need to find a way to get food. (I apologise to all men who do things in a timely manner and fully acknowledge that women and a whole range of people put important tasks off despite their wordings. *Grins.*)

[-] Found a big tick on Mugz-the-pugz and got Da to help me get it off and cleaned up.

[-] Was pretty much brain-dead for writing.

[-] Da and I went out with the charged battery to buy a battery (the old one has got all sorts of powder on it and even with baking-powder-cleanup would be old enough that a replacement seems wise). At BJ's we got Da a dress-shirt for his business trip tomorrow and some woman recognised him and then me - as my legal/birth name, which generally means I haven't seen the person in at least eight years to say that I am Kiwi, end of. So I had a full conversation with a woman whose face was familiar but whom I didn't recognise, and then walked away with my father asking, "...with whom was I just speaking?" Wife an old tennis friend, apparently, the one who took my old dog Drew. We went outside and the battery was dead.

[+] We got a jump from the friends who were still in BJ's and this time when I spoke with the woman I knew who she was, sort of, in that I knew her relation to my previous dog.

[-] Da and I still had no food in the house and we couldn't stop anywhere so I suggested drive-through something-or-other. We settled on Burger King as we both prefer it to McD's and it's good in a pinch. It was going well except I noticed that when he didn't gas it, the engine seemed to miss a beat/not turn over correctly. I suggested that he keep back from the other car so he could keep inching forward and reverse back a bit if we needed, just to keep the car active. He didn't believe me and on the next beat-miss the engine died.

[-] I was annoyed not at my father, but at myself, because I can never seem to loudly voice my ideas. Dratted self-esteem. It reminded me of that HP7B film scene with Luna finally telling Harry to just listen to her, and how much I appreciated that scene. And now I recognise that's because I feel I have a gentler voice with things, too, and I don't always have the courage to just say "Hey! Listen to me!" Anyway, we were stuck there for a while as we gave the charger plug to the BK-workers and they had it plugged in through the drive-through doorway. We sat around waiting and laughing. Thankfully, my Da and I tend to keep our heads in crises, even if I can't always speak up. Eventually we got the car started up and Da remained in the car revving while I scurried about collecting the charger plug, putting away the charger, dealing with the hood, and collecting cards/food.

[+] Da couldn't get the car out of park and I realised I had an idea, so I made myself speak up more firmly-but-kindly. "Have you tried with your foot on the brake?" He tried it and it worked, but it meant I had to run after him through the parking lot and hop in hastily before he turned out of it--quite the adventure, really. The BK staff were great about it and we all kept each other laughing. There should be a Wall of Fame for people who break down in drive-throughs.

[+] We made it home in one piece and ate. Da is set to get a ride from my grandmother to the airport tomorrow as we didn't get to put in the new battery from BJ's; it was too dark. At least we've got it. Da also gave me a new toothbrush as I realised my green one downstairs had lipstick on it and I don't use lipstick. My mother admitted that she had been using it, thinking it was hers (that is a personal ICK! for me) so I'm glad to have a new one. I have written my name on this one in Sharpie on both sides.

[+] I wrote a few thousand words so that even if I'm not up to 10k, I have nearly 5.5k and I have now introduced one of my favourite characters. Things feel smoother as I write them now. It also means I have 6.3k of catching up to do tomorrow instead of the 8-something-k I was supposed to do today, so I'm knocking some down. It feels less like pulling teeth now and more like enjoyable hobby-writing. Yay!

[+] Now I can watch the last episode of Downton Abbey and tomorrow I can sleep in instead of taking Da to the airport, which is good because I'm exhausted.

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[-] I seem to be back to longer posts at the moment. I guess I've fallen back into a stronger learning-about-myself period, which tends to mean longer entries. Ah well! Thanks for reading!
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