November 4th, 2011

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Back to The Tired. Slept too much again last night because I am a Lazy Arse. Setting an alarm clock now that I will soon forget about, so it'll surprise me into waking up tomorrow.

Lazy Arse day. Spoke with Mum about feeling guilty for not having read the book and did we really have to go to the class? She decided we would call Carol-the-minister and see if she would be 'heartbroken' if we didn't go. Carol said it was up to us. I took over the phone and asked if it was alright to go without having read the book, just to listen, because it was the guilt-gut about not reading that was keeping me from the class. She told me to come right along.

Mum met up with my Earthmother (like a Godmother, but for those who don't believe in God and become uncomfortable around the word) who was in from Seattle (she moved there within the year to start a bed and breakfast). Da went off to his Mens' Team. I went to 'class'.

Carol kept Mr. Motor Mouth from completely taking over and she managed to keep things on track, although I'm still not sure I actually learned anything. I did make everyone laugh a few times and wrote the first sentence of my novel (...just the first, 22 words). My Buddy spoke about Interweave (the LGBTQQIA group) and inactivity, and joked about my being the chairperson. I don't fully understand what a chairperson even is; the image of a person stacking chairs still comes to mind. Regardless, I certainly don't have the responsible nature, maturity or life experience to be chairperson at the moment. However, I think I could fully handle being the Chairperson's Bitch (CB - it's like VP, but more honest) if someone more suitable is found to actually lead. I'm more of a deputy myself.

Returned home. Angsted and angsted and angsted about how I couldn't write more than the first sentence, which seemed ridiculous given the number of novel-like-things I've written. Opened up a document, fiddled with the title, typed the first sentence, toyed around with drop caps...and finally wrote close to 500 words. By the time I was done powering through those words, I had met one of my main characters and a big supporting character and I found myself loving both of them. It's a start. Got up to 1,000 words after that and it includes all of the first scene plus an introduction to the other setting, even if I haven't met the second main character yet. s'fine.

1k on the 4h of November? ...definitely not a record-breaker for me. Rather pathetic for my usual NaNo ability, really. But the characters and settings are fleshing out in my mind, so catching up by the end of the weekend - 10k by Sunday evening - should be completely possible.

Also, my future-housemate Casey and I will be introducing one of my best friends and also future-housemate Cassia to Tamora Pierce. Casey and I are thrilled. We have the order of the books (27 of them) down. I get to read (and re-read) through all of one of my favourite author's works with one of my best friends as she discovers them. I'm super excited. Plus, it means she'll be able to help me in both my fandoms: HP and Emelan (soon to be renamed 'Tammy', as I'll probably be able to tackle some Tortall as I re-read).

Now I'm going to go head to bed and finish Terrier. It's terribly difficult to work on starting a novel when half of one's brain is dedicated to thoughts of finishing the reading of another novel. I'll just go and fix that, you know, in the name of writing...

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