October 25th, 2011

Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

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It's another night in for me. Alternating between reading fanfic, watching TV, going through my inbox and cleaning my room.

I'll leave a chat link up here in case anyone wants to join me in multitasking and procrastination: Writey Drawey Readey Cleaney (previously Thinky Drinky; it's a multifaceted room).

I'm not up to much and hardly have anything to say, so don't feel at all pressured to join, but you're welcome to regardless. (:

Guess I'm realising that I haven't been as interactive on the Internet as I used to be--with Facebook, IMs, chats, whatever else--and as autumn/winter can feel a touch lonely without it, I'd like to push myself to start again.

Hope you all are keeping snug, warm and happy!