October 24th, 2011

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It has recently come to my attention that not everyone visualises.

I was hanging out with a new friend and talking about fanfic (as I do), and he asked, "So, you visualise then?" I said, "Yes, I do a rather lot of that. I enjoy it." He lamented that he couldn't visualise, hard as he tried.

Do you visualise?

If you're reading something, do the scenes play out in your mind? When you're writing, are you writing from scenes you're clearly seeing/hearing/experiencing up in your brain?

If I say 'autumn evening, crunching leaves, air on skin, candlelight flickering in carved pumpkin, smell of a carnival, taste of toffee apple', do you enter a place in your mind where you are there? (I know not all of that is pure visualising, but I'm curious about that, too.)

I used to wonder, when I was a child, why some peers got so bored during the guided imagery exercises we sometimes did during class; I always thought they were wonderful exercises for my brain, like being told to stop doing school stuff just to daydream for credit, which I would have been doing anyway. If they weren't visualising anything or very much at all, I can completely understand why they were bored.

(I think it's one of the reasons I read slower than people expect of a 'voracious reader' [during the days I can actually call myself that]: I like to take my time to really get into every scene, look away from the pages occasionally to admire the pictures and thoughts forming in my brain. I can speed-read, but I find it takes away from my general reading experience, especially when reading any kind of fiction.)

So! If you'd like to talk about visualising, let it fly here! :D
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