October 21st, 2011

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My goodness. The Tired has hit.

Yesterday my mother and I drove to CT to catch up with my uncle. He seems to be doing really well! He's a by-contract welder and doesn't always have the best working conditions/hours/whatever else. Where he is now he gets a single hotel room (he loves not sharing), day shift, 10 hours instead of 12+, gets off at 4 instead of 6 and has weekends off. He's using the weekends to drive back up to the cabin in ME to work on finishing up the roof so there's no freezing this winter season; he's been working on re-doing the roof since summer.

We had a great meal out with lots of joking around and great food. He told me I have to get up to ME this autumn (well, if I want (: ) and I'm thinking perhaps some time in November, for some novel-writing time.

Woke up today to a huge parcel from lash_larue! It had the Hooch had (love love love!), the Buffy episodes I haven't seen, the container of the pumpkin juice I bought in Hogsmeade and my little teddy bear Scrubs. When my room is finally clean and organised to where I'd like it (ha! a decade or two?) I'll have to take pictures. Thanks, Lash!

(My mother mentioned something about the McGonagall and Hooch hats--I have them snuggled up together--looking similar, so I threw out this whole list of how they're different. I think Madam Malkin and any specialty witch-hat crafters would have been proud.)

Lounged around and was a bum for a while, which felt lovely. Eventually realised I had to go out and knock off a few errands. Something in my brain said, "Just after this show..." and I shook my head, threw on a hoodie and left. (I tend to go with the "alright, I'll do it in 1...2...3..." technique, but I never get to 3 because I'm too shamed that I have to use the technique at all to best my laziness; instead I tend to do it as soon as I start the counting. Today's productivity was similar.) Managed to get to the bank, activate my bank card, get my money for the Ani DiFranco concert in November, throw the clothes from the congregation yardsale into the clothing donation bins and get back within the time-limit of my crush's five-song CD.

I also decided that it was absolutely time to cut Mugz-the-pug's nails, so I got my mother in on that and we actually managed to get it done without the dope-drugs! (Unheard of, really; the vet prescribed them because he's impossible with nails.) Guess I've finally learned the right hold positioning and baiting technique. :D My mother and I also made a dent in cleaning the playroom, which means the ground floor is almost completely cleaned and reorganised.

Da's flight was delayed and Mum was exhausted enough with the original time (landing at 11pm), so instead of Da paying for a taxi back from Providence he paid me to come pick him up. (: Came back and finished the film Easy A, which surprised me in how much I liked it. It also reminded me that I really enjoy Patricia Clarkson.

So, uh, I guess a boring day really. Tomorrow joyitude/Cassia is coming 'round to pick up the Ani D. money and then I have a dentist appointment at noon (that kicked my butt back into brush-floss-mouthwash mode alright!). I have to remember to take my old-lady pill so the plaque bacteria doesn't attack my hip replacement... Then I head to both local libraries (drop off film, pick up book) before arriving home so I can host my friend Clover (visited me in England March of this year) and help cuddle her through her recent breakup, which has wrecked her for a bit.

And for now...sleep! Which sounds excellent. Although maybe a little bit of Judi Dench's And furthermore first. (;

Sweet dreams! Hope you all are keeping well!


"No longer forward nor behind I look in hope and fear; but grateful take the good I find, the best of now and here."
[John G. Whittier]
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