October 16th, 2011

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I keep thinking that soon I'll catch up on livejournal--reading and posting--and I was so close to getting through my inbox (30 left--that's practically nothing!) but suddenly all these plans and surprise-you're-doing-this events caught up with me.

Since returning from Alabama I met with my minister about writing a PR piece (newspaper) about her 25th year as minister for the congregation, visited two libraries to renew and join and then somehow managed to buy books (Thursday); I made it through most of my inbox, got through old house belongings with my mother and brought them to the congregation's yardsale, then helped organise it and bought books (Friday); I woke up in the morning (7.45am), volunteered at the yardsale until it closed at something-past-two, helped pack it up and lug things to cars and bought books (Saturday/today). (I also bought a set of husbands [as they're called] for my mother and me, mine in blue and hers in tan. My new husband matches my new throw-rug [green and blue circles, very dorm-like] which I purchased Friday night for $1. I was also given an old school desk chair [with the surface attached on one side and a shelf underneath] which I am incredibly excited to bring up here and use. My minister was also surprised and then entertained to hear I had purchased a husband.)

It has certainly felt like a lot. Tomorrow I've got service at 10 and I'm meeting with the other minister and the youth (high-school aged teens) for what will probably be a very informal religious education gathering--less religious education and more...hanging out. Teens aren't generally renown for their ability to wake from slumber on weekend mornings (I should know), so any who specifically request that a Sunday morning gathering is reinstated must be pretty darn dedicated. Makes me proud, since I used to go every week. Also makes me proud that a few of them requested me--perhaps I do have a calling somewhere, somehow. (: I believe Rev. Ann would like me to talk on my experience as a senior youth, which shouldn't be too difficult. After that I may head to Providence to meet up with my friend group there again and possibly stay over 'till Monday, provided I am home by Tuesday morning at 10am to go visit with my grandparents. Hopefully Tuesday evening will offer me the opportunity to catch up on LJ--or catch up on something--as Wednesday may mean it's time to go with my mother to meet up with my uncle. Then I should hopefully be free to get back to doing tasks like catching up.

I'm sure I will have a book-buying post later (especially since I bought books in Orlando, too... *shameface*), but I thought I might plead my case here that I had perfectly good reasons to buy the books. You know, beyond them existing in an adjacent space to my person. You see, they were on sale. Seven books for $5 at the Orlando bookstore? Then paperbacks for $0.25 at the library? Then $1 for hardcover, $0.50 for softcover and $0.25 for children's, with the money going to my own congregation? Then $0.25 for all books and a whole bag of books for $2, when I certainly know how to stuff a bag? Well, I couldn't resist. By Irma's curling toes, I couldn't help it.

Plus, for the first time in a long while, I am not moving internationally any time in the foreseeable future. There must be some perks. An actual library of books I love and books to read so I might love them (or not) sounds like a perfect perk to me!

Not that I need explain this all to you, of course, for none of you would ever have an icon like this one. And it certainly isn't the reason an icon such as this one exists.

Alright. My mother decided that this evening we would drink wine and clean (successful), which lead to watching Sound of Music on VHS (less successful, but completed) so I am exhausted. Off to read Judi Dench's And furthermore by candlelight (eeei I love libraries for having books like that!) and sleep before church. It seems a busy-bee Kiwi may be the best way to be.


"The bluebird sings a lullaby; the firefly gives a light; the twinkling stars are candles bright; sleep, Faeries all, Good Night."
[Elizabeth T. Dillingham; "A Faery Song"]