October 9th, 2011

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I'm in the computer shop with lash_larue and hers. Survived the ride up here in Ginny and subjected Lash to my music. (I did warn her that my iPod is filled primarily with women playing guitars--although also the occasional woman-with-piano/keyboard and musical tune. And some miscellaneous, like Tim Minchin discussing evolution.)

The Farm is great and my accommodation is much more than I'm used to. Having a blast with Lash and hers and their lovely cats. Also watching lots of Buffy (finally to season three and met Faith!).

Realised that I never really posted while in Orlando--was busy reading fic! I'm sure I'll get to it. I've got a list of LJ posts that I need to make. Won't be makin' 'em soon, though, not with Lash's Internet! She's right: it's Internet made only for checking email.

Saved the last of the hogwarts_houses fic and the newest samhain_smut fic onto my mem stick so I'll be reading those back on The Farm and saving my comments for posting at a later date.

We're waiting now for the showing of 3D Harry Potter. It's later than we expected so I'll probably get some more fic reading in! :D

I've got a song stuck in my head. We used to sing it for meal circle-ups at Rowe:

Up on the farm we get up in the morning *stomp* up in the morning early! We raise our voices to the -sun- and tell the -sun- good morning! (Good morning!) And howdy! (And howdy!) And sha-a-a-anti! (Shanti!)
(-Sun- could also be replaced with cooks, trees...just about anything.)

There was always a bit of humour to the song, given that Rowe Camp is nocturnal and our first meal of the day is at lunch--12pm--and it's not a very well-attended meal. There's similar humour to having it stuck in my head here as I am still rather not a morning person. I keep the same hours as Lash's cats...little Echo (little tyke of a black) was zig-zagging around the house last night just as I was beginning to wake up, too.

Off to the land of Fickreedhing with me!

P.S.: lash_larue and hers bought me the Madam Hooch from the hotel gift shop! I've had my eye on the Hooch hat forever! I love it to pieces (well, to one piece; I don't want anything happening to it). I have a little HP shrine back in my room with the pictures queen_of_snapes gave me before I left (one of Minerva and one of Rolanda). When I'm home I'll create a Harry Potter shrine again, but more importantly...a Kittyhawk shrine! I'll have the Hooch and McGonagall hats snug up together. I'll put my little unicorn plushie nearby, too, to get some Wilhelmina action in there. Maybe a plant, too... Well, now that the shrine in my mind is growing, really off to read fic!

Eyes to see
"The one person who really knows me best says I'm like a cat - the kind of cat that you just can't pick up and throw into your lap. No, the kind that doesn't mind being held, only when it's her idea; the kind that feels what she decides to feel when she is good and ready to feel it."
[Ani DiFranco; Virtue]
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