August 26th, 2011

Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

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I'm pretty sure I was just prank called by one of my campers--one of the ones from my cabin, Lee Cabin.

The tykes have a lot to learn about prank calling. Regardless, I am fairly amused.

I am also reminded how much I loved my job.

If I can find a job that makes me half as happy as Rowe, I think I will have found my place. Hopefully thoughts like that will get me through my post-schooling crisis.

(I will now provide an approximation--exaggerated and yet often understated--representation of my present state.

Kiwi [talking to herself, of course]: "So. School is done." [Checks invisible watch.] "That's a good 18 years of my life. And it's over." [Checks calendar, which is three months behind.] "This is Real Life, then. Guess I should choose my place of settling. And get a job. Suppose I should get started on those Life Dreams..." [Twiddles thumbs.] "I'm going to go make a sandwich.")

I haven't forgotten about you. I have been ridiculously tragic about my summer unrequited love and have been trying to keep it away from Livejournal (I know many of you would like to see it--and see it you will, to some capacity--but this side of me is new and I feel I'm keeping a scrap of dignity by working through it myself a bit first). However, a picture post and hopefully some content on the Goings On at Rowe (the bits I can remember) should appear in this generalised location of my Livejournal at A Later Date.

For now I am pleased that my procrastination paid out: no "Growing Up Gay" sermon written; no service Sunday to read the non-written sermon. On the other hand, hurricanes are a bugger, so of course I would rather have to stretch my writing capacity if it meant people didn't have to put up with this latest natural disaster.

Prank calls to hurricanes; I think my work here is done.

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