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Kiwi Crocus
06 August 2011 @ 03:04 pm
Thank you all for the post/mail! ♥ I have been on 'afternoon meeting' every day--jumping around, being perky, telling the campers what workshops are going on, singing the Rowe Song--so I've been given the letters by staff-member friends as I exhaust myself during the meeting. Receiving them always helps!

I'm getting into the groove of writing letters back but so far haven't managed to send anything. I'll check out the post office at some point this week. Mainly I just wanted to thank you for the post! I truly appreciate it. (:

My pretend conference went well. I looked like Trellawney dipped in a puddle of tie-dye and spoke in a very far away American accent. Today was All Camp Cleanup and my group was on the Art Room, which always becomes such a mess so quickly. I'm tempted to teach these children how to properly clean windows and sweep... Staff meeting went well. B, M and J (colleagues) all appreciated the letters of support I wrote them last night; J's made her cry (it was more involved than the others). I'm glad. I'm hoping to write more for the other staff to improve staff morale as we're all getting a bit exhausted with the end of week one.

Tonight is the Rowe Market (for the swapping of clothes and items) and the Orchard Hoodoo, which was M's idea but I am 'focusing' (making sure it happens), so that's interesting. Hopefully I can pull off the right atmosphere.

Crush is still here. I'm actually enjoying having an unrequited little squish again; it's well within my comfort zone. She also lent me a book on orgasms after a conversation we had about sex dreams and being pre-orgasmic (she's always careful to carry at least one sex book with her, she told me). I'm definitely getting into Rowe Spirit.

I miss you all dreadfully, though! Part of me can't wait to settle back into my Internet life, as it has made up about half of my life since perhaps age 10! Hope you all are keeping well. ♥