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Kiwi Crocus
04 August 2011 @ 06:33 pm
I always walk down the path to the Farmhouse (where the computer is) thinking of what I'll post, but by the time I get to the computer and finish going through my email I always forget.

Last night Meghan (a Spirit - elected camper from last year with more responsibilities than the average camper) and I staged a 'spontaneous' dance party at the end of the Amateur Hour talent show. It was fantastic seeing people do ridiculous things. It's less intimidating to get up on stage when there is no expectation of talent.

Unfortunately one of the campers from my cabin has been asked to leave; he smoked weed and admitted to it upon questioning. It's been pretty intense for the staff and campers. He's one of those campers who has come for years and most people tend to know. He can come back next year (he's not banned), but he has historically been a huge part of camp and it was only day four so it has been a Very Big Deal. I know my cabin is particularly heartbroken.

I'm getting ill. I have a crush. Those two sentences probably shouldn't stand next to each other, but this is my life and they tend to.

Today I had my first fig. After three years of lectures about the ecology of figs and fig wasps, I figured it was about time. Well worth the wait and the lectures, I think! I cut it in half and marvelled at the ecology of it first.

Now I'm off to fake a conference with my fellow staffers. The one I'm doing is some long title about the perspective of canines. I get to lead blindfolded campers around an obstacle course and train campers like dogs... Should be interesting, at least!

Ta-ta, all! ♥ Hope you're keeping well!