August 1st, 2011

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Pre-camp at Rowe was intense. It's bizarre working with a woman I had a crush on at 16 and sitting at a staff meeting with her five years later, at 21.

Today the campers arrived. I'll get to know them more after the Three Days of Awkward are over, I think.

I was chosen by a male spirit (voted-in returning camper with more responsibilities to bring back the 'spirit of Rowe' from the previous year; they run the cabins) so that means I am in a male cabin. I also happen to be the Big Sister (adopted staff person) of Lee Cabin, which is the cabin I was in during my last year at Rowe in 2007. Strange how different cabins can be when filled with males vs. females.

Would love to say more but it's nearly 1am Rowe time (ahead one hour) and I need to be getting back up to the Rec hall as I'm off campus at the moment to use the computer. Just finished researching Tennyson's 'In Memoriam' for a chapel I'm running with a friend!staffer.

Can't believe that through a HP conference and international moving, I managed to write all the fics for Goldenlake's Decathlon and a fic for Hogwarts Houses. Off I go now!

Hope you all are doing well! ♥