July 25th, 2011

Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

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I'm home safe and exhausted.

lash_larue is the best. Thank you for the best steampunk cane that ever existed, the shirt and the awesome rainbow suspenders--the letter too! I hope to thank you more when more than a small fraction of my brain is working.

It's time to go pass out now. I'll be doing most of my unpacking and re-packing tomorrow, last minute (of course). I've regretfully asked if it's alright for me to show up at precamp a bit late; hopefully the answer is yes, otherwise I'm sure I'll forget half the stuff I need.

Definitely time to go pass out now. I get to sleep with my little snuggly pug tonight!

(Also, I noticed that there are two gnomes on a new shelf in my kitchen. Count me confused.)

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