July 24th, 2011

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"It looks like Rita's bedroom hair now," featherxquill states as she glances in the mirror. "It's like Rita after a good shag."

No, this isn't really a naughty entry from me. (Come now--naughty, me?)

Today. Hmm. Well, it's always the start to an interesting day when I can't be bothered to get dressed for breakfast. Like many a morning in university accommodation first year, I headed down for breakfast in jammies; today it was my scrabble bottoms and my 'i don't do mornings' shirt, which I thought was rather appropriate. Had a lovely breakfast and then headed back to bed for a nap--glorious!

My first panel of the day was one that covered disability in Harry Potter. I wish it had been one of the longer panels (one hour) but was instead half an hour with a lot packed in. I thought it was interesting enough... I particularly enjoyed the point about squibs being a disability within the magical Harry Potter world. I enjoyed more, I'm sure, but now my memory of it has been distracted by the rather obnoxious man who was in the back of the panel (where I was also in attendance). I've had the displeasure of listening ('listening' being a funny word here) to panels with him before but I'm sure this has been the worst one yet. Anyway, yes, it was fascinating! After it was over we attempted to save tetleythesecond, therealsnape and kellychambliss from the torture; we may have managed with the latter two, but unfortunately we lost the first. (I think we can truthfully say she recovered. She was also patient enough to refrain from hexing him a third eye.)

During lunch we discovered to our great displeasure (well, the coffee lovers' great displeasure) that the cafe was closed. We journeyed to the Rutherford College dining hall; I'm staying there so I ran up to grab my food. We had a semi-picnic with biscuits and chocolate (thank you Oh Snapely One! ♥). We also played shipping games with the silly bands that kellychambliss provided, as I had McGonagall, Snape and Dumbledore on hand (well, wrist). McGonagall spent some intimate (hah) time with the two, then Snape, then chocolate (a personal ship of mine); her time with chocolate saved her from being beheaded like Dumbledore as something fell from the sky directly on top of them. Oh! I also admitted that my first grade teacher taught us all to trumpet like an elephant...so of course I was asked to do it and barely managed through laughter.

Music panel was after lunch. The person running it really knew his subject. He gave examples of excellent film soundtrack use and less effective moments. I finished some more fic and also realised how dreadfully behind I am. What's new? After the panel we all

(I interrupt this report to offer this anecdote: featherxquill was just using a silly band to keep a bag of crisps closed. It snapped as she was using it. "Which one was that?" I asked. "Hogwarts," she replied. "You just broke Hogwarts?" "I just broke Hogwarts." Incidentally, this moment just utterly broke me. Back to the report.)

After the panel we all discussed fest in this wonderful circle of fest-and-writing chat. Feather and I ran (pretty much truly ran) to the bus stop and caught a bus into town, where we found the salon and had free hair appointments. I finished another fic as Feather had her hair done into fabulous Rita curls that looked nothing like the picture she originally offered the (probably new apprentice) hairdresser. When he got to me he was absolutely confounded. (I have long--down-to-hips long--naturally curly, thick hair that likes to go frizzy when the strands are ungrouped.) He did his best at a few hairstyles but in the end another hairdresser came along and finished it up for him, since she knew what to do with long hair (lots of twists/ornate pinning). In the end I was pleased.

There was then lots of putsing around with makeup, shoes and dresses. I was very unsure of the sight that greeted me in the mirror (she was equally unsure and suggested I consult someone else); I called Feather and we met in the middle of our two corridors so I could ask if my cleavage looked alright. She told me it did and I finished up with my getting ready--including applying black nail varnish, which was a bit silly. We arrived later than we had intended but that has somewhat become a theme of our weekend. I kept my rainbow zip-up on.

The food was excellent. I'm afraid I don't know (remember--from the meal or the sign-up) what it was. The appetiser seemed to be goat cheese, from what I heard around the table? Pork for the non-veggers who ate gluten. I forgot that I originally ordered vegetarian...oops. I thought it was lovely anyway. A slice of wonderful something-cake for dessert. (Really, asking me about food is pointless, but I thought I would mention something. My taste buds did approve even if my brain can't name any of it.) Dinner conversation was fascinating and the people-watching moreso.

kellychambliss was an excellent Minerva McGonagall. (I could say 'made' an excellent McGonagall, but that would be a lie, for it would imply putting it on as an act or costume; she was McGonagall.) So pleased she wore the hat! I couldn't think of anyone better to wear it. therealsnape was drop-dead gorgeous in her silver Muggle dress with the matching wrap (it must be called something like that--to be draped over the shoulders for looking optimally fantastic). tetleythesecond had this wonderful Renaissance or Medieval or any-historical-time-beautiful dress; she looked marvellous. I didn't see much of miss_morland's dress but what I saw over the table was lovely and she looked fantastic throughout the evening! queen_of_snapes pulled off a 'witch in her best Muggle clothing' to a T and looked brilliant doing so. Rita Skeeter attended, as well; she attended to be swept off her feet in dance by tetleythsecond (charming leader that she is). Rita's codename for this undercover report appears to have been featherxquill.

I loved the conversation, didn't dance and still had a glorious time. I did escape once to go climb a landing and sing to the bats (to keep sane) and shuffled cards (to keep calm) but am pleased to have made it through the evening without a real breakdown. Yaaaay! And, upon hearing there was less than 30 minutes left, I did finally take off the rainbow zip-up. I always feel bad in case it makes anyone uncomfortable. But I made the promise earlier this summer that I would be brave this summer, so this was an opportunity to do that. Chatted with the woman who ran the writing panel on one of the other days, too. All in all I couldn't have imagined a better evening!

featherxquill took the pins out of my hair and brushed it out--how grateful am I! 51 pins in total, too. Yikes. I haven't had my hair done by someone professionally in more than 5 years, so tonight was a treat! It was free, too--the perfect price. And I wore the heels I purchased after kellychambliss finally inspired me to buy after so much talk of food. And makeup! Wore that and didn't cry it off! *Cheers.*

Tonight was absolutely magical.

Now I think it is time for bed. I tried to make this detailed so featherxquill could link it and so that minervas_eule would have a little more to read--hope this works for you!


You'll be with me like a <*b>hand print</b> on my <*i>heart</i>.
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This is the last English sunset I'll see in a while.

queen_of_snapes just gave me two posters from a convention she went to. One is of McGonagall (HP:DH[2] promo poster) and the other is of Madam Hooch (with a dinosaur in the back, yay things I learned about in uni!). She explained, "You ship them more than I do." Now I have my first ever convention posters to put up on my wall! *Hops excitedly. Or she would, if movement wasn't so exhausting.*

kellychambliss, tetleythesecond and therealsnape gave me rainbow flip-flops as soon as I arrived at Crone Coven Cottage on Thursday, too! Graduation gift! I do love combining rainbows with footwear. ♥

featherxquill snagged me a free hair appointment with her, which is quite a gift as well! And her Internet, and her gentle pin removal and hair brushing. All very much beloved!

miss_morland gifted me her company, which I cherished immensely. She also gave me some fantastic hugs. In fact, come to think of it, all those I've mentioned are wonderful huggers - and the world doesn't have enough of those.

What fine gifts I've been spoiled with all across the board! My corner of fandom is the best. I merely state truth here.

Too lazy for a banner. Eating amazing pizza (hellpizza.com), watching the sunset out Queenie's windows and reading about the adventures of some pretty mischievous gnomes and brilliant crones. I'm hooked!
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My new ship

My friends,

After the wonderful slash panel at DiaCon today, I have decided to give up writing femslash and turn my writing talents to Harry/Draco. The slashers on the panel were so very convincing, and the movie even more so!

I'm sorry if this upsets any of my flist, but the sexual tension between Harry and Draco cannot be denied, and I simply must explore it.

Under the cut, you'll find my first attempt at a fic for my new OTP. Please tell me what you think!

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I've already posted too much today (half unintentionally) so here we go, I'll just add to the pile.

First order of business! featherxquill IMed me a picture to make up for outing me as a die-hard Harry/Draco shipper; I thought it only right. It's absolutely hilarious. queen_of_snapes demanded that I post it. We joked about captions and came to the conclusion that it needs to be a caption contest. I haven't the faintest idea of how to run something of that sort, but I still encourage you all to submit a caption or two! I can do it without guilt since I needn't fear HP:DH[2] spoilers so much now (this is a behind-the-scenes pic). I want you to pay special attention to where Minerva's wand is pointing.

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Second order of business! I wrote gnome!fic. I was told that my grave key mistake would be outed on livejournal so I thought I'd try to beat everyone to it by explaining it in the way it truly occured, which a few of you might understand. I can't pull off dialogue the way the great lash_larue does, but here's my attempt with the gnomes...

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I jokingly called it "hpgnomefest" when I saved it and realised I truly must be careful, for those are dangerous waters...

Now off to bed! This is also my "I'm travelling tomorrow so please don't let me die or suffer unexpected negative consequences, universe" post. Ta-ra!