July 15th, 2011

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The bag I needed to pack is packed. I've probably done it badly/unwisely but I tried my best and I tried to keep it fluffed/non-compact so that it definitely wouldn't go over weight since someone else is taking it home. I don't have a scale and I don't do well with judging weight, but hopefully...

And, in hopes that organising my mind here will make it less scattered and flighty IRL...

What I Have Left To Pack:

  • Decorations (mostly flat/paper, save lucky jersey, Fresher's Week jeans and Happily Ever Now shirt);
  • Paper stuff (doodles, notes from friends, a few great lecture notes, creative stuff, paper worth keeping);
  • The little makeup, hair and accessorising stuff I have kept here;
  • Wardrobe accessories (one pair of legwarmers, a hat, a pair of goggles, a few belts and a few bandanas);
  • Wardrobe clothes (some dresses, skirts, ties, shirts, waistcoats and light hoodies);
  • Regular clothes (jammies, skirts, leggings, jeans/trousers, shirts, underwear, socks);
  • Randoms (towel, bedding, a few pieces of kitchen stuff, shower stuff, more things that don't come to mind - much of which can be packed away at Malcolm's for me or for my brother);
  • Electronics (my desktop laptop, keyboard, mouse; netbook usually goes in my purse);
  • Ukulele (usually into my carry-on).

I have two huge give-away bags and four little ones right now, but that will grow soon (with two cushions, a shawl-blanket, dressing gown and the like).

Fandom: This is probably my last post before seeing the new HP film. I think that's why I'm not sleeping at 3.42am despite being exhausted; the thoughts are keeping me up. I keep remembering being all snuggled up in my parents' bedroom with my father reading us Harry Potter. My brother and I would bounce excitedly, "Do the Dobby voice, do the Dobby voice!" because we were already so pleased that our father's English accent had become a commodity with Harry Potter reading but we were delighted to find that he got creative with it. "One more chapter, Daddy, one more chapter!" And my mother was bouncing along with us, begging for one more chapter as much as we were. I remember being so proud to finally sneak off with one of the books on my own to read it in the dark hours of the night, with a candle and a soft light - the 4th or the 5th, I think, probably up at Peak's Island in Maine (reached by ferry, which seemed very Hogwarts to me). The summer has always meant a new book or a new film or both. Since I was 8, I guess. Wow.

And tomorrow is the end to that. I remember going to the first film; I must have been 11, so I joined on as a little first-year, all Luna-long blonde hair and big curious eyes. I don't know if I remember it or have just heard it from my mother often, but she cried. I had tears in my eyes, too, but I think that's more because as a silly Luna-child I often became so enraptured by something that I would forget to blink and my eyes would have to keep themselves moist somehow. I just remember staring up at the dark lake, the little boats, the lanterns and their reflections, the children gazing with as much wonder as I was and Hogwarts - real Hogwarts! - in the distance across the lake. I thought, "They did it they did it they did it! It's like in my brain! It's magic!" I loved hearing the actors speak and concluding, quite decidedly, that my father was just as good but I would give these actors their shot. I didn't care about plot holes or missing characters or missing lines because they got the atmosphere/ambiance right and that was all my imagination wanted; in many ways I think that's still why I'm fine with the films.

So. Tomorrow the last new one for me, the last summer with 'new material'. Guess I'll just have to join more summer fests in the years to come, so I will always have fresh material to inspire me: art inspiring art! (:

(I won't spoil anything and I'm sure I'll watch it again at DiaCon Alley. I'm known for watching the films until I know all the lines.)

It doesn't feel at all silly to me that my heart aches. As I am and have been preparing to leave England/university/my university friends, I am and have been preparing to say goodbye to Harry Potter and its characters. (Sometimes I wonder how much the series - and my father reading it, so English - brought me to where I am.) "It all ends here." Well, not really, but a lot; it comes at a time of many goodbyes and a number of endings, too. Thankfully I've found that endings are a great place for beginnings (especially when there is a silent, invisible, none-shall-e'er-see-it, non-existent epilogue).

P.S. I think this year at Hoggywartxmas I am going to be the Queen of Tissues (for nose blowing and tear dabbing, dang nabbit).


"Welcome! Welcome to the new year at Hogwarts! Before we begin our banquet, I would like to say a few words. And here they are: Nitwit! Blubber! Oddment! Tweak! Thank you!"
[Albus Dumbledore; TPS Chap. 17]
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